Rating system by «What Is Good» project

traffic1 Rating system by «What Is Good» project

An appraisal of media-product relies on specific traditional family values. These values are based on four criteria analysis:  violence, sex, drugs, morality.

An average appraisal formation, according to all four criteria mentioned above, concludes on three types:

green Rating system by «What Is Good» project

Green – the movie promotes traditional family values and teaches the audience the best virtues, like kindness.


yelow Rating system by «What Is Good» project

Yellow – the plot of movie is not clear, so it is better to take a look at reviews in order to be sure of positive critiques that is provided by this media product.


red Rating system by «What Is Good» project

Red – the movie could include sex or violent scenes. There also could be drug or alcohol consuming scenes. The movie might celebrate destructive propaganda concepts.


In case of any disputes the decision should be based on moral values.

It is preferable to follow international age rating system during movie watching with kids.


Important information:

Morality revives with us:

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