To smoke or not to smoke

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to smoke or not to smoke To smoke or not to smoke

Tobacco smoke consistency

Tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 chemical substances. 40 of them are the most dangerous in case of causing cancer and also couple hundred poisons, such as nicotine, benzopyrene, cyanid, arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid, etc.

Cigarette smoke contains radioactive substances: polonium, plumbum, bismuth. Nicotine’s level of poison is equal to hydrocyanic acid’s one.

1 package of cigarettes per day is 500 roentgen of irradiation per year. The temperature of smoldering cigarette is normally 700-900 degrees Celsius. The smoking person’s lungs are black putrescent mass. After toking nicotine ends up in brain after 7 seconds. Nicotine causes blood vessel’s spasm, which causes vessels’ oxygen hunger. No doubt that makes a smoker’s skin fading. What is more, there are more negative aspects in smoking – soon we notice an unpleasant smell from mouse, teeth become more yellow, the throat inflames and the eyes redden. In the whole world nicotine is promoted as a legal drug. The obsession develops the same as from heroine and others. But, nicotine’s deceit is unnoticeable and long-lasting. For instance, in Russia there are 265 cigarettes being smoked every year, and this number is growing precipitously.

In addition, smoking drawbacks are also in causing three main illnesses: lung’s cancer, chronical bronchitis and coronary heart decease. It’s already proved that tobacco is a ground of lungs’ cancer in 90% of cases, bronchitis and emphysema in 75% and heart trouble in 25%. Around 25% regular smokers die a day before the fair. Many of them could live for 10, 20 and 30 years longer. Dead from smoking lose 15 years of life in average.

Smoking inflicts s terrible harm. Smokers suffer 13 times more from stenocardia, 12 times from myocardial infarction, 10 times from gastric ulcer and 30 times from lung’s cancer, than an average person.

to smoke or not to smoke 3 To smoke or not to smoke

There is no such organ which could not be hit by tobacco. Kidneys and bladder, gonads and blood vessels, brain and liver. One pack of cigarettes smoked in once is a death doze for an adult person, half-pack is the same equal for teenager.

Smoking harms the heart. The heartbeat frequency of smoker is 15000 more than non-smoker’s one. Oxygen delivery for vicuna is reduced as the result of blood vessels’ constriction. In addition, this effect is also done by carbon monoxide which affects on hemoglobin rather negatively and doesn’t assist erythrocytes to bring enough oxygen into blood. This explains the difference of study developing between smoking school students and non-smoking ones.

One more scathe of smoking is also the next one, last years scientists pay more closely attend the substances causing cancer diceases. Foremost, they are benzopyrene and radioactive polonium – 210 isotope. If the smoker takes the cigarette’s fume inside and breathes it out through the shawl, there will be a brown spot left on a white tissue. That is exactly a tobacco tar, where majority of causing cancers substances are contained in. For example, if the bunny’s ear was greased by tobacco tar a few times, there soon the cancer swelling will be formed.

Harms for women

For women, smoking is particularly harmful, since the first puff tickle in the throat, increased heart rate, there is a nasty taste in the mouth, there is a cough, dizziness, nausea and possible vomiting. All this is a manifestation of the body’s reactions.

But the smoker, which follows the “new fashion” actively suppresses the protective function of the body and continues to do the tightening. With each new tightening of the body gives up and gets a poison, defensive reactions fade away and the smoker does not feel discomfort. With each new pack of, the smoker starts taking more nicotine.

A young girl can not help but notice that she had a cough (especially in the morning), there is hoarseness, bad breath, skin becomes flabby, yellow teeth and general girl looks older than his peers, yet she continues to smoke, although it tries to reduce the harm of smoking, going to the light and “female” (thin) cigarettes.

to smoke or not to smoke 1 To smoke or not to smoke

But nicotine dependence has already been formed, and the body begins to require a dose of nicotine, and the girl has to pack instead of a conventional smoke 2 “female” packs to get their nicotine dose. Tobacco companies have long known this, why they went to such a move, and released imaginary harmless cigarettes, although the damage is even greater and the income from the sale is the same. Competent advertising companies make smokers believe that it is less harmful, although it is all a lie! Many women also notice that cigarettes reduces stress, makes it even more dependent on cigarettes, smokers do not know how else to deal with stress.

Due to damage of smoking women increased incidence of inflammatory diseases, which leads to infertility. German gynecologist Bernhard, surveyed about 6,000 women, found that fertility was observed in female smokers at 42%, and non-smokers – only 4%. Tobacco gives 96% miscarriage, preterm infants 1/3.

Tobacco and destroys those who smoke and those who are born of smokers, and those who are close to the smokers.

Women who smoke tend to be early age, their early sexual wilting occurs.

“For them, to the Slavs – is no health, only vodka and tobacco” A. Hitler 

Even if Hitler knew and understood the harm of smoking and imposed it for Russians, there is still today many drink, smoke anduse drugs themselves solely by looking advertising or fell under the influence of others. The harm of smoking is obvious, it is understood by smokers themselves. So, is it time to finish it?

Translated by Georgy Tyurin

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