Pseudo-art as a technology of dehumanization

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We will replace their values with false ones imperceptibly and force them to believe into these false values!” (The plan is by no means Allen Dulles)

Recently, the whole information space was shaken by the story of the girls-sadists from Khabarovsk, who are accused of cruel treatment of animals. They took the animals as supposedly willing to host them, and then tortured and killed them in a brutal way, while taking pictures in the photo and video.

For a normal person, such behavior look like wild thing, but since it happened, we need to figure it out. Moreover, there are good reasons to believe that such people are not an exception today, and that in fact there are more people like them. We simply do not know about all, and not all of them have been brought to justice.

As always, we will inspect it from the position of methodology of process.

First of all, I consider it necessary to note the following. Personally, I stand far from the idea that these girls are mentally abnormal. No, they were fully aware of what they were doing, and that this was a crime not only from the point of view of legal norms, but also from the point of view of certain higher laws. Otherwise, they would not hide their faces, and would not try to hide after revealing their personalities.

No, they exactly knew what they were doing and nevertheless they did it. They did it because they were receiving unconditional pleasure from this. Let the investigation study of what punishment they deserve from this case. And we will deal with the origin of such people, and the manifestation of what processes we observe.

I think many of you have remembered different examples in cinema where various sadists torture and (or) kill animals and people. I’m not an expert in cinema, but I don’t remember similar films produced by the USSR. I can remember only Western films. In particular, the film “Basic Instinct”, where several quite “cash” actors starred, like Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. If you remember, one character of the film kills people, and, she began with her parents as a child, whom she killed just because of…curiosity. Do you understand it? Just because of curiosity to see what will come of it. Incidentally, she writes novels on the scenarios of her murders, and puts it like an alibi. It sounds like why would she do what she describes in her works, which are published in large print?

I’m not a pseudo-specialist in pseudo-psychology or any other sciences. I’m a technologist. So let’s study this kitchen without emotions, sentiment and other “scientific theories”.

Technology of dehumanization

So, here is the first main question:

What qualities a person should have who is capable to make such actions (as the character of the film “Basic Instinct” and as the above-mentioned girls)?

The answer is not complicated. Such a person should be:

  1. Immoral (deprived of understanding of unconditional values, such as, for example, the life of another person, the life of a defenseless animal)
  2. Self-centered (everything created to meet his needs, desires, perverted fantasies)
  3. Uninhibited (“free”, with active upholding of the right to an embodiment of any plans and imaginations in a life)

The conformity to all three mentioned characteristics guarantees the appearance of such “man-monsters” that have no moral foundations, but they have perverted thoughts and a desire to realize them in life. What is important – they believe they have the right to do so.

The next, you understand dear reader. It’s a matter of bare technique. You just need to ensure the conditions in which such people are raised, and they will necessarily appear, it’s just a matter of time.

However, here we see the second main question:

What helps to ensure these above-mentioned conditions? 

The answer is not complicated here as well. The conditions in which a person grows are called with the general word “upbringing” and “educational environment” (the educational environment is a special case of the upbringing environment, its component part).

What helps to educate and grow a person? Everything he encounters in his life and what he spends his time. And how a child mostly spend his time? If parents does not have time for their children (mostly parents have no time for a child, they are put in conditions of the need to earn money, and therefore they work from morning till night, and on weekends come to life for the next week), then other educators come to their children. Who are they? And here they are:

  1. Television (various TV shows, films, TV series)
  2. Advertising (this should be highlighted in a separate category)
  3. Youth parties (groups are formed according to interests, and interests the same. It’s TV shows, various concerts of rock music or another “advanced” music from the point of view of young people, all sorts of “holidays” such as “Halloween” etc.)
  4. Computer games
  5. Social networks
  6. Night clubs (the music which beating on brains, alcohol, smoking, cultivation of the general atmosphere of bad taste, animal behavior and addiction to drugs, which, I note, are both alcohol and nicotine)
  7. The industry of pseudo-art, which focused on the socially active people. In particular pseudo-music, pseudo-visual art, pseudo-literature.

psevdoiskusstvo kak tehnologiya raschelovechivaniya 1 Pseudo art as a technology of dehumanization

All listed factors can be studied a lot and in detail. I will only outline the main points in very short.

The person is mainly formed in childhood, and in the early years. With each subsequent year, changes require more and more serious efforts. After 20 years, people are almost unable to change (only in very serious circumstances, only with the help of great personal efforts, and this is accompanied by tremendous upheavals in the life of a person).

If we look closely at the environment in which a child and a teenager grows, it can be seen that almost all sources that can bring him up as a moral person have been removed by strange coincidence, and on the contrary, this environment is filled with sources actively cultivating immorality, debauchery, perversion and permissiveness.

The family, in particular, parents are going to be removed from the education process. For this purpose, there is an institution of juvenile justice, which is called on to keep a watchful eye on parents not interfering in the process of dehumanizing their own child. We can say that juvenile justice is a legalized criminal system whose purpose is to block the family and parents in the process of educating the immoral new generation.

As the proverb goes, a holy place is never empty. It means that in order to grow a person immoral, it is not enough to protect him from real values, it is necessary to replace real values with false (immoral) ones.

The cultural environment sets the system of values. Therefore, for the creation of false values in children and adolescents, a false pseudo-cultural environment is necessary.

Such an environment is actively being created. In particular: 

  • Instead of real (classical) music of young people, pseudo-music is actively being imposed: pop, heavy and other rock, metal, rap and so on.
  • Instead of real (classical) literature, pseudo-literature is actively imposed: tabloid, detective stories, so-called “bestsellers”, eroticism and so on.
  • Instead of real art, pseudo-visual art is actively being imposed: different avant-gardism, cubism and other nonsense.

All this given as “fashionable” and “modern”. The child (adolescent) is inspired with the idea that if he is “in a trend”, that is, he is fond of something, it means he is modern and progressive. If he is not interested in this, then he is “doomy”. Of course, child does not want to be a “doomy” and therefore begins to consume all this dirt, which forms his system of immoral values, in which there is nothing real, beautiful, sublime. On the contrary, it filled with falsehood and bad taste. Whenever the parents try (if they try to) prevent this, then the juvenile justice, which can at any time just pick up children from the family, beats them immediately. Well, or at least impose a fine, so it was not possible to prevent the education of their child from an inhuman monster.

psevdoiskusstvo kak tehnologiya raschelovechivaniya 2 Pseudo art as a technology of dehumanization

The intrusion into the child’s consciousness of such a pseudo-culture has a double result:

  • First, the child is purposefully and systematically made immoral.
  • Secondly, since the child in a deep consciousness understands what is good and what is bad, the acceptance of false values, as supposedly real, automatically forms hypocrisy (hypocrisy) as the norm of behavior.

The consumption industry and obsessive advertising contribute to the cult of egocentrism and orientation to satisfaction of needs, and the industry of cinema, pseudo-literature, computer games and other similar things will prompt a lot of samples of perverted needs that can (and should) be satisfied.

A society of peers, also exposed to the same sources, will force to accept all this as a norm of behavior, so that the child does not turn out to be a “black sheep” without friends and girlfriends, because no child wants to be alone. The use of alcohol and nicotine fixes the result, since any drug breaks the will of a person first and therefore makes him incapable of changing.

This is how the child turns into a dehumanized monster.

The coordinated work of all these factors, including the institution of juvenile justice, fixed at the legislative level, clearly shows that this is by no means an “accidental” mechanism, but the result of a purposeful policy pursued not even at the state level, at the SUPRANATIONAL level, where the state is given the role of statistician. In the extreme case, if the state is being hindered (as the same USSR, in which the process of education and upbringing sought to do otherwise), it is possible to change one state to another. There are technologies of orange revolutions for this, which was done in the USSR in 1991.

Art and pseudo-art

Now let us examine the question of art and pseudo-art in more detail.

Human consciousness today in society is imposed the idea that art is such a very “subjective” concept, which everyone can understand in different ways, and everyone is “right” at the same time. In fact, this is a direct lie, and its purpose is just to drag false samples into the art field, and then make a full substitution, replacing the real samples and replacing them with false ones.

psevdoiskusstvo kak tehnologiya raschelovechivaniya 3 Pseudo art as a technology of dehumanization

Do you need money for this? Of course. Therefore, those who pursue this policy own money. Where did they get the money? The answer is not difficult – from our pocket. All the money that we were not paid for our work (because of what we work as Papa Carlo, so there is no time and energy for anything else), and what we spent to buy goods at obviously inflated prices, and also which we paid in the form of bank interest – go to many different purposes, in particular, to create an industry of pseudo-art.

There is a very simple criterion of what real art is.

Real art is something that enhances the moral level and purity of a person. Mo-rality and purity are not some abstract concepts. Morality is the correspondence of the system of the views and world outlook of a person to the highest universal laws, which exist objectively, as a given. The level of morality is determined by the level of conformity. The purity of man is his freedom from various kinds of pollution (various trash, which life is full). Take the same TV. A pure, free person can watch TV, but he does not depend on it. He will not have a narcotic breakdown or syndrome if the TV is turned off. A pure and free person can always stop and soberly and not prejudicially look at what is happening from the outside.

Art is designed to raise the level of morality of a person to give him the ability (skill) of such a stop and a detached view. If the creation answers this is art. If it does not answer, this is pseudo-art, which is not art.

A calm, impartial view clearly shows, for example, that the work of such people as Malevich, Picasso, Dali and others like them (in painting) is not art. These are classic examples of pseudo-art. No one should be deceived by the big money invested in the paintings of these authors. They say its masterpieces because allegedly it is so expensive. This is just a classic example of the artificial exaltation of pseudo-art.

Just like the big money allocated to show business, to create pseudo-singers instead of real ones, when simply by means of a certain amount of money you can make a “star” from the biggest lack of talent. And, again, this is all, in the long run, will be paid from the pocket of ordinary people – by selling tickets to concerts of these mediocre, by selling their audio and video products, by selling secular magazines, books and other things.

I do not see any reason to give examples of supposedly stars of show business, music, and literature because of their countless number. Here are not just individual performers, here (as in the case of the same avant-garde or cubism) whole areas, whole musical styles (pop, rock, rap, house, metal, then everywhere else).

In such conditions, it would be surprising if such representatives of youth (like those from Khabarovsk) did not start to appear. It is amazing that such people are still a minority, but if you do not start taking appropriate measures, soon their number will begin to increase dramatically.

There is an opinion that the phrase given in the epigraph to the material belongs to Allen Dulles, who was the developer of the plan for the collapse of the USSR, the destruction of its population and the “uninhabited” seizure of the territories of the former USSR. This is a misunderstanding. Even a cursory glance at other countries shows that similar technologies have long been launched in other countries as well, and this is SUPRANATIONAL technologies intended for intrusion into various states and societies.

psevdoiskusstvo kak tehnologiya raschelovechivaniya 4 Pseudo art as a technology of dehumanization

Europe, which today is objectively on the verge of destruction, has rotted from within because of the intrusion of these technologies. Moreover, precisely because of the result of their intrusion, it came to a state where its destruction is a very real threat.

To avoid such a fate, it is necessary to be centralized at the level of the state, as well as the widespread opposition to such technologies.

All parents must finally realize that you cannot give the child to the tyranny of the current “educational” environment, because its task is to make your child a brutal monster. This is not some idea or concern, but a harsh reality of our time.

Together we will win!


Translated by Valeriy Pertov

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