• Raise your managerial literacy. Management methods: structural and non-structural
  • The message of films “Why Him?” and “The Internship”: Jump the shark, and meet the success!
  • The film "Enemy at the Gates" (2001): Classics of anti-Soviet propaganda
  • Who makes clips for pop stars?
  • The film "Lion" (2016): Returning home


In structural method of management, it is necessary to create a structure (a military formation, a ministry, a shop, an educational institution etc.), recruit people, define their duties and manage their work in a certain way. In non-structural ... Read more
Introduction Perhaps, many, seeing the title of the article, would say: "Some vulgar, silly comedies. Why write about it? ". Indeed, these films definitely can not teach good. But the fact is that many people watch them to relax, not to strain the ... Read more
There are few movies about WWII in the West. The most pompous, widespread and advertised is the “Enemy at the Gates” by French Oscar winner Jean-Jacques Annaud. This picture has been honored to open the 51st international Berlin Film Festival. ... Read more
Certainly, you may noticed that the music clips of popular artists often either do not correspond to the content of the lyrics of the song, or give it completely new semantic shades, changing the initial message of the composition. As an example, we ... Read more
The review reveals plot specialities of the film. The plot of the film is based on a real life story. This is the story about a boy named Saroo, who got lost at the age of five. Happened to be many kilometers away from home and his family in an ... Read more
The film “The Holiday” – an American romantic comedy with the starry cast of performers: Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. According to the plot Irish (Kate Winslet) – author of a popular wedding column in London’s “Daily Telegraph”, lives in ... Read more
A television film of Hallmark Entertainment studio "A Gift of Miracles" tells a kind, naive, light story that visually demonstrates that life helps to go the right and happy way to those people who are paying attention to the circumstances around ... Read more
The film "Moonlight" by Barry Jenkins was awarded with the Oskar as the best film of the 2016 year. The plot is about the childhood, adolescence and adult life of an African American named Chiron. He grows up in a troubled family, and then realizes ... Read more
The film "Ghost in the Shell"  introduces to viewer the world of the future, in which all kinds of implants and technical devices built into the human body have become an everyday reality. Robotics has reached a level where it is already difficult ... Read more
The “Beauty and the Beast” – a modern screen adaptation of a cognominal Disney cartoon (1991), released on February 23, 2017. The plot is well-known: a handsome, but cruel and self-centered prince finds himself in a refuge of an old woman, under ... Read more
Teachers from Cardiff and Glasgow universities Brandon Valeriano and Philip Habel decided to explore how video games affect the worldview of Americans. Since both of them in their educational institutions focus on the issues of linking mass ... Read more
One of the actively promoted topics by "Disney" company, which is systematically found in their products, is view of evil as not an unambiguously negative phenomenon. The essence of the "good evil" and the layer of ideas that lies behind this trend ... Read more
The Plot An alternative future. In Britain at the head of the state is an ultraconservative party of religious character Norsefire, which established under the British society a total dictate, imposing a curfew in the country and a row of other ... Read more
I suppose, it is a secret for nobody, that any kind of art one way or another reflects the worldview of the creator, her attitude to the world, and it will definitely won’t be an opening to say, that the worldview of this creator is being formed ... Read more
Scientists have warned of the danger of child love for superheroes. Instead of paying attention to the positive qualities of Batman or Spider-Man, preschoolers have attracted by their negative traits, such as aggression and violence. "Many modern ... Read more
Perfect product The patterns of world economic development, statistics, daily news of the media, and widespread drug consumption lead to the thought of a giant transnational corporation that controls the production and consumption of drugs around ... Read more
In 2014 has been released a romantic comedy of Canadian production "The F Word". The film belongs to category PG-13. The main male role is played by Daniel Radcliffe, known for his role as Harry Potter in the long-running series of the same films. ... Read more
Screen addiction needs to be overcome ASAP. It is your child development braking system which can lead to tragic consequences. Among them low concentration, disinterest, hyperactivity, increased distraction. These children don’t stay long with one ... Read more
A superheroes theme, which invaded a cinematography, brings more bad, than good from educational point of view. The main problem of such images is that by their example, young audience forms false impression, that if you want to become a hero, you ... Read more
Then music with her silver sound With speedy help doth lend redress. Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet Probably many of you have noticed the impact of music on yourself but did not matter on it. Remember when you heard a popular simple song, one ... Read more
It is no secret that one of the main disadvantages of a TV is a commercial. The commercial has appeared in the USA, probably, due to a constant search of new ways of sales increase, since a constant growth of sales markets – is the main goal of a ... Read more
Lady Gaga’s songs are well-known all over the world. Her high popularity is due to numerous publications in the media, broadcasts on the radio and TV channels like MTV. Well, let’s see, why this American singer is getting so much attention from ... Read more
Two "Oscar" nominations, a nomination to the "Golden Globe Award" . I can stop wondering at cunning game modern cinema plays with people’s minds. I have recently watched a “Wild” film starring Reese Witherspoon. At first, it was the very idea of it ... Read more
A popular animation product “Minions” narrates about little yellow creatures, which before that an audience has seen in a series of cartoons “Despicable Me”. Minions according to the movie exist longer, than a human, and always serve some criminal. ... Read more
The film "La La Land" was premiered at the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2016, is the rare case when the presence of numerous awards from the film does not indicate its intrusive ideological orientation or extremely low morally meaningful ... Read more