• Hidden meaning of the film “Mortal Engines”
  • Cartoon sample #1: "Tom and Jerry", "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" and "SpongeBob SquarePants"
  • The dark side of the anime world. What children do not speak about, and parents do not guess about
  • Animated movie “Kiki’s delivery service” (1989): human kindness in the fantasy world of witches
  • "Venom" (2018): Being parasite carrier is good!


I had got a chance to watch the new fantastic film “Mortal Engines” (2018) the other day. I know that within the framework of the project "What is Good", the attention is seldom focused on the second semantic series or hidden meanings, since the ... Read more
The article presents analyzes of individual series of popular cartoons from the standpoint of assessing their educational message and influence on young viewers. The series were selected using a random number generator. "Tom and Jerry" ... Read more
Preface: This article is intended for professionals, who work with young people according to their professional activities, as well as all for parents who have known that their children spend time watching anime, and decided to study out what effect ... Read more
*Note: the Cartoon "Kiki’s delivery service" (“Witch’s delivery service”) was made as anime. Unfortunately, today's anime content impregnated mostly with the destructive senses, radically different from the content by Director Hayao Miyazaki. ... Read more
Superheroes replaced human being heroes “Doesn’t matter where you are, it does matter what you are seeking for”. This phrase is relevant to many areas of our life. Including for cinema, which not so much reflects the reality, as it programs, ... Read more
A few years after my birth, my father met a stranger who has just arrived in our city. From the very beginning, my father was fascinated by this charming visitor, and therefore he invited him to live in our family soon. The stranger agreed and was ... Read more
Elena Struzhkova, expert of the Center of systemic initiative, Master of agriculture, docent (report at the 5th International Scientific Conference "China and Russia": state development strategies, May, 28th 2018, St.-Petersburg) Cinematography in ... Read more
Anecdotal news about the fact that the negative opinion of fans about the latest Star Wars is also the fault of “Russian trolls”, hides a completely non-funny background and creates a reason for quite serious consequences for the American film ... Read more
Dimitri Christakis is a pediatrician, parent, and researcher whose influential findings are helping identify optimal media exposure for children.
Repeated in many articles (including articles written by psychologists), the phrase that a child is equal to us, an adult, a person who has the same desires, opinions, rights like us, in fact is completely untrue. If this is so, then the child ... Read more
Forget programming - the best skill to teach children is reinvention. In this exclusive extract from his new book, the author of Sapiens reveals what 2050 has in store for humankind. Part one: Change is the only constant Humankind is facing ... Read more
On the 19-th of June in Moscow the next rock-festival Maxidrom was held after three-years break, the 1,5 h perfomace of the group Rammstein and its leader Till Lindemann became its main event. When reading the Russian press, the Rammstein's visit to ... Read more
Very many things, which we are now writing about, became clear to us not at once, sometimes years after some first impulse. It was hard to explain what kind of impulse it was, but as a rule it all started with a vague feeling: awkwardness, anxiety, ... Read more
Alternative math, or where the educational reform leads to  
In this short artistic story, the famous American writer Mark Twain perfectly demonstrated that the modern political and legal theory of the separation of powers into legislative, judicial and executive is flawed - for the simple reason that in ... Read more
The time has passed when most of the children were brought up in fairy tales, carefully transferred from the older generation to the younger one. To replace tales came cartoons, and grandfathers and grandmothers, on whose shoulders in many ways the ... Read more
Who are we? Why do we come to this world? What are our motivations for action? What makes us open our eyes in the morning and go out into the world - full of surprises, dangers and exciting adventures? What makes us move forward? Are our aspirations ... Read more
I’m getting more and more convinced that a superhero myth – both in comics and movies, based on them – is a lengthy, colourful and solemn hymn to Blind Luck. You’d been disabled since childhood, but they chose you for a secret military experiment. ... Read more
Voice in the radio "Yes, I drank, but who does not drink now? Either a mutant or a moral monster!"- The voice in the radio of the share taxi was bursting. The passengers sat with indifferent faces and, apparently, did not even notice how they were ... Read more
The “Peter Rabbit” - is an American animated feature film based on the stories of the English writer Beatrice Potter. The film premiered on February 9, 2018 in the US. The script and direction of the “Peter Rabbit” was performed by an American ... Read more
56 years, 24 films (not including several unofficial pictures), 16 Oscars, dozens of Emmy Awards, BAFTA, etc .; 7 billion dollars from box offices, not counting income from DVD, advertising, sales of related products - and all this is one movie ... Read more
Mobile phones, tablets and computers have long lost their original purpose of communications and calculating machines. Now for most people they perform an entertaining function, the value and meaning of which have completely overshadowed the ... Read more
“Many things are not well understood by us not because our concepts are weak, but because those things lay outside of our concepts” Kozma Prutkov Definition of the term "manipulation" Let us define manipulation as a human control tool that is ... Read more
About modern Hollywood cinema it is often said - "the bottom is pierced," showing that there is nowhere else to fall morally. After the release of "Deadpool", "50 Shades of Gray" or "Atomic Blonde" it seemed that it was already the bottom. But there ... Read more
Far Cry 4 – is a popular computer game (2014 year) by Ubisoft Company. Now computer games have not surprisingly become one of the instruments of influence on the public opinion. All the technologies of mind control, used on TV and in cinematograph, ... Read more