• Things that propagandists of "fact-checking" and fighters against "fakes" forget about
  • What is the power of Humor?
  • " Factory of Screen Idiots ": French scientists about the decline in children's intelligence
  • Modern cinema and children's motivation to study
  • Implicit methods of promoting sexual disorientation


First in the West, and now in Russia, such concepts as “fact-checking” and “fighting against fakes” have been widely extended. In Russian, these words mean “verification” and “counteracting the dissemination of misinformation,” but in numerous ... Read more
Many people think that the main purpose of any joke is to make the audience laugh. But this is an amateurish approach. Professionals perceive humor in a different way - for them it is a tool for conveying meanings, views and concepts to listeners. ... Read more
Published in summer of 2019, the book by Michelle Demurger, Doctor of Neuropsychology, " Factory of Screen Idiots " became a bestseller in France and a reference book for parents of primary school children. The book about the impact of new ... Read more
The following is an excerpt from the notes of a history teacher: "Modern children have extremely low motivation to study successfully. Don't they understand at all the importance of studying well?” It sounds hard to believe children wouldn’t want to ... Read more
Hello, dear friends! You have probably heard many times before about how certain values and ideas are promoted through various media content (movies, cartoons, clips), including the notorious principles of tolerant attitudes toward members of sex ... Read more
What it teaches (shortly) "Spread Your Wings" (Donne-moi de ailes, 2019) turned out to be kind and sincere. On the example of the main character there is well shown the path of transformation of a young man into a man capable of making ... Read more
Large western filmmakers are aimed to increase the proportion of homopropaganda of their products. Despite the resistance of the parent organization, the animated film «Onward» from Disney has been released with a slightly retouched LGBT ... Read more
Essay 1 The entertainment industry and mass consumption have become the backbone of modern society. Some people can no longer imagine their lives without computer, newfangled phones, all kinds of technical devices, not to mention shopping and food ... Read more
Imagine that you have come up with a device that can increase or decrease anything. Moreover, it is able to materialise and multiply objects: put a hundred rubles - click - get two hundred, thousand, million ... Undoubtedly, this would be the ... Read more
Shh! Listen, friend, I am writing this letter to warn you of impending danger. Don't turn around, pretend you're reading funny memes on your phone right now. You can even occasionally laugh so that THEY don't suspect anything. I want to tell you ... Read more
Nowadays there are two approaches to cinema in society: some people watch films just to have fun. Other people understand that cinema is primarily a tool for managing the masses, and therefore they try not to immerse themselves too much in the world ... Read more
What does it teach (briefly)? Nobody was stopping the creators of the sequel “Jumanji” to maintain the original idea of the film of 1995, in which each hero had his own body and the adventures took place in the real world, not vice versa. But ... Read more
So we have lived to the moment when Hollywood has begun appoint open perverts to the role of saviours of the world. And we have already moved from soft tolerant hints to the stage of tough agitation with passionate kisses between bearded men. ... Read more
In short The movie makes propaganda of vulgarity, alcohol drinking, obscene lexicon, violence as the main means of solving problems. The main positive character is presented as a person with low moral qualities, who is inclined to act rashly ... Read more
Foreword by the author: Last year I wrote an article. It was called "About Psychoologists and Keys". I just had some thoughts and shared them on my page and in What is Good group. The fact that my article was voiced became a sign for me: it was ... Read more
This post reveals the general manipulation, which is the basis of all the modern major film awards and specifically the Oscar above all. Have you ever thought about what do we need film awards? At first glance, the answer is clear - to encourage ... Read more
Foreword by the author My first article “About psychologists and keys” was voiced by the guys from "What is Good" project and it immediately encouraged me to write a sequel; it means that it is interesting not only for me and the topic is broad. I ... Read more
Сentral mass media as one of the most powerful tools of state-level structureless control of social processes can be oriented around two directions: - either to strive to provide an audience with the most objective and relevant information, both ... Read more
The first title of the article was “Is cinema a tool of entertainment or a tool of control?”and it was more correct because it shows a subject right now (a tool becomes such as it is only in someone’s hands) but for the sake of journalistic brevity ... Read more
As you can guess from the title, the article will focus on Russian television. Now the vast majority of society is aware of the harmfulness of Russian TV channels, but few people understand how the system of control over them is technologically ... Read more
Our decisions and actions during life are determined by our needs and desires. Our needs and desires are being formed and they are our reaction to the influence of environment, which is expressed in the information flows around us. Thus, by managing ... Read more
Life of a drug addict is short and ridiculous. A maximum of 7 years passes from the first dose to death. The meaning of existence reduces to search of drugs and experience of withdrawal symptoms; the last one or two years are spent for unsuccessful ... Read more
“1 + 1” (The Intouchables) is perhaps one of the most popular movies, which in recent years has been featured everywhere on the lists of the most touching and even moral movies with meaning. How many accolades can be found and how difficult it is to ... Read more
Who are the "psychiologists"? Have you noticed that almost all Hollywood films are made as if according to one pattern? And it seems that something new, bright, original is constantly coming out, but the strange feeling of deja vu does not leave ... Read more
Modern children's cartoons lack honesty and kindness. They have become a toxic product for both children and adults. But on the eve of the Halloween, Hollywood decided to surprise the parents by releasing “the Addams Family”. It is advertised ... Read more