• Morality curve of modern youth
  • Film “Paddington 2”: a good fairytale for children and a glossy cover of London
  • The story of one tragedy on the Mount Everest in two films’ interpretation
  • About the new enemy’s image in Hollywood’s cinematograph
  • How not to be a TV-viewer in the Internet?


The future is in sober and moral people and even nations, and the future of any nation – are, first of all, its children and youth. That’s why an accent of teetotalling and outreach activity in mass aspect should, one way or another, be oriented ... Read more
Children’s film industry, both in Russia and in the West, is going through hard times. The Hollywood wave of a low-grade humor and outright vulgarity was “a must” in a so-called entertainment film format for adults and then percolated into ... Read more
In this article the author observes an untypical for “What is Good” project genre of an adventure movie based on a true story on an example of two films: “Into Thin Air”, 1997 and “Everest”, 2015. 1996 Mount Everest disaster The movies describe ... Read more
It has been much written and told about the image of Russians in American movies, and how precise this image correlates with external policy of the US establishment. Russia – is a geopolitical competitor, meaning that Russians in Hollywood films – ... Read more
Contrary to expectations and hopes of many, moving away from TV-format itself does not serve as an index of changed society’s condition, its rather just creates the ground for further transformation of mindset of the majority of people with virtual ... Read more
One of the most wide-spread arguments sound like: “alcohol and tobacco are presented in our life, that’s why they are in cinematograph as well”. Nobody argues with that: everything, that there is in real life, one way or another will reflect in ... Read more
Technologies of modern advertising For the last decades, especially advanced companies that have large marketing budgets and opportunities that influence the promotion of goods, resort to the following model: even if there is no natural need for ... Read more
The movie is meant for the children who are 6 and older. Growing up can be a bumpy road, and it's no exception for Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her ... Read more
As you probably know, 90% of films contain alcohol-tobacco scenes, which is done for narcotization of the population. When you explain how this works, then in the comments under the articles there are people telling that actors, it turns out, are ... Read more
Now, when I’m looking at my laughing and throwing about toys children, I think, it would be very much to the point to write an article about TV, cartoons, clipboards and other things, which hinder our children from being happy. Though at the ... Read more
A new animated film “The Mystery of the Deadly Smoke” was released in October 2015. It was produced by a group of volunteers whose goal was to speak to kids age 6-12 about the benefits of a healthy smoke-free lifestyle. The film’s main ... Read more
The “Supernatural” – is one of the most famous modern TV series. It has been filmed for already 13 years, and is the most long-playing mystical series. As it happens, the duration of the series has influenced it for the worse, which noticed ... Read more
“Into the Woods” – a musical film of the “Disney” company, filmed after a cognominal musical of the end of the past century. The world premiere took place on December 8th 2014. The plot of the picture is the following: someday a wicked witch put ... Read more
Due to competition with shooting and flying blockbusters the "Mummy" and the "Wonder Woman", betting on special effects, the "Gifted" did not receive either wide Media coverage, or a sufficient number of sessions to "unwind" (for example, in some ... Read more
At first, everything seems clear from the trailer – here you are slim Charlize Theron, killing hand to hand a dozen of men-squad; here there are scenes of smoking and drinking alcohol, colored with tantalizing vision and elevated halo of the very ... Read more
In my 30 years as a self-improvement coach, the most important insight is that where you put your attention is where your energy goes.  If you find that hard to believe, try this: Walk through a crowd. Put your attention on the people. Then walk ... Read more
From the mid of 1990-s in the cinema there was a woman emerged of an unusual type. They were not housewives, not farm workers, not nurses, but aggressive warriors with super-strength and abilities. Such a woman not just "stop a horse at a gallop," ... Read more
A belief in vampires and other undead the more popular, the deeper in a society the crisis of faith in general. Not only the belief in religious traditions, but also in social institutes, faith, strangely, in science. Throughout the last three ... Read more
Prey 2017 — is a science-fiction computer game, which has been released on May 5th 2017 by Bethesda Company. The action takes place on an imaginary orbital station “Talos I” in 2035 year, where a player is trying to stay alive and to save the Earth ... Read more
Having caught on the beautiful name and the mesmerizing trailer, I decided to watch this movie. Until the final credits were about seven minutes, and I was sure that in front of me is one of the most worthy representatives of teenage movies. The ... Read more
The trailer and the idea of the film "Wonder woman" immediately caused a reaction of the audience: feminists are rejoicing at the presence of a female warrior in the movie, the appropriate people have decided that this is another movement of the ... Read more
In the cartoon “Despicable Me 3”, the narration goes about an unsuccessful supervillain Gru, who has several hundreds of servants in hand – unusual creatures, minions. The plot of a new chapter is plane: already married on a special agent Lucy ... Read more
The movie “Everything, everything” has been released 19 of May 2017 and is the screen adaptation of a cognominal adolescent novel. The picture is being positioned as kind and reassuring story, praising the beauty of the world. This is a fairy tale ... Read more
"The cultural work done in the past by gods and epic sagas is now done by laundry-detergent commercials and comic-strip characters..." Roland Barthes Intoduction From the earliest times people loved stories about heroes. Just enough to remember ... Read more
“We will replace their values with false ones imperceptibly and force them to believe into these false values!” (The plan is by no means Allen Dulles) Recently, the whole information space was shaken by the story of the girls-sadists from ... Read more