What happens, when we watch a movie, listen to a song?

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We enjoy a piece of art. But this is not all. Subconsciously a lot more information goes down the line: a mode of heroes’ behavior, models of human relations, values, and all these leaks out through separate phrases, actions, scenes, not necessarily connected by the plot.

The history knows examples of using art as is a good cause, so harmfully. By means of it is possible to form a character; elaborate behavioral affirmations, bring up the whole generations (or deprave them).

For example, in almost every movie (and not only about love) heroes without much thought enter bed fellowships. Earlier there was nothing like that in movies and songs. And now compare the style of relationships of your grandmas and grandpas, then your parents’, and then – age mates. Do you feel the tendency?

You should probably have seen many TV shows, where the participants should turn out one of the playmates themselves. You say the whole intrigue is in it. But think about: with such an approach at the back of our mind settles an idea, that it is normal – to “eat” somebody in a group, and the idea of a common goal changes to the idea “every man for himself” and the expectation a stab in the back. And have you paid attention that the most worthy is being thrown out, because she is a strong competitor? That is how a faith in justice and in an opportunity to reach something by your own forces is being blown out in us.

what happens when we watch a movie listen to a song 2 What happens, when we watch a movie, listen to a song?

And how many cheesy songs about “love has gone” and variations on that subject there are! Youngsters are being settled a thought, that love – is an inconstant thing, and that it is normal to change partners as the time goes by. In reality the trade-off the meaning of love by the meaning of sympathy and attraction happens. These can definitely go by, but the real love – never.

Consciously many of us really understand it, but what about subconsciously? Therefore, few of us think about texts of the cheesy songs, their meaning, avoiding consciousness, affects exactly the subconscious part of mind.

Another example, absolutely commonplace – in all movies heroes drink alcohol: whether it be a celebration, or a grief, or just heroes chat at the table. We watch and GET USED to consider it as a norm…

What the trick is all about? In that the ideas of depravity, unhealthy competition etc. are typically being introduced in culture as not main, but background, i.e. little things, implemented in an interesting plot. They are being supplied as self-evident rules of behavior: on the screens, on books’ pages everybody lives like that! That’s why all these is perceived by us as granted, we don’t even think of it, and then subconsciously copy a certain mode of behavior.

The realization of its mechanism and thoughtful attitude towards movies, books, songs will allow blocking this method of infusion. And then analyze, what is being showed.

Source: Planet Today

Translated by Daria Egorova

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