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Dear friends!

If you already got a little familiar with the materials of “What is good” project, learned how to pay attention to those modes of behavior and stereotypes, which are being formed in the audience and readers by the modern mass media, and feel in yourself  a sharp desire to share your observations with the wider public, then go ahead take a pen or sit in front of the computer and write about a movie, a book, a magazine, an event, which by your opinion deserve close attention.  

If you can work in a video editor – make a video overview.

If you have never tried yourself in journalism, then go for it anyway. In the 21st century an ability to get across your ideas and generate new informational products is highly sought. This kind of experience will be certainly useful for you. Besides, an effort oriented on a good business, always brings profit to you and to the others.

You yourself choose the format of materials.

There are no tough requirements to the articles writing or to the video overviews creation, the main thing for the material is to answer the question “what does it teach for?” and to be made from the traditional family values’ position. Also, follow the simple punctuation, grammar and censor rules.

The most interest take modern pictures, since they are more current, but if there is a desire, you may write reviews on the other movies. For example, you may talk about your favorite movie. Or just about some good movie let it be unpopular. There is no need to write about bad unknown pictures, in order not to advertise them once more.

You may take an article or video review, posted of a website as an example, may use the classification of characteristics of harmful movies/cartoons, may go your own way. The only request – in movie or cartoon reviews uncover the points violence/drugs/sex/morale, as it is done in most of the articles on a web site.

The main thing is to be brave and act, and we will try our work results, aimed to the morality rebirth, to reach as many people as possible.

Your articles and video reviews send to the e-mail



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