Protect your children from harmful effect of mass media

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  • remove a TV-set from the children’s room
  • let you child watch only those films and programs that you have already seen and believe to be useful for his/her evolution
  • set a password for your TV-set to prevent access to the channels that can be harmful for the children
  • watching TV together give your children explanations about positive and negative examples shown
  • give your preference to time proved cartoons and films
  • make your own home video library


  • make a separate computer profile for your child and set up parental control (instruction)
  • define time period your child can use the computer
  • control time your child uses the computer with special software
  • check your child’s activity with the computer once a week (instruction)

zashhitite detej ot vrednogo vliyaniya smi 1 Protect your children from harmful effect of mass media


  • install the software that can prevent children from visiting the web pages inappropriate for them (commercial software: example)
  • make the list of web pages you believe to be useful and add them to quick access
  • check your child’s Internet activity once a week (instruction)
  • every week find time to surf Internet together to teach him how to use this resource properly
  • as standard search services use Google safe search and YouTube safe search

Social networks:

  • define time period your child can use social networks from home computer
  • limit the number of your child’s social networks accounts to 1 or 2
  • create your own account, add your child to your friends and once a week using your account check your child’s web page for inappropriate content (photos, music, phrases). This also will help you to know your child better (his/her favorite music, films, books, etc.)
  • limit the number of communities that your child enters to 10, 5 of them you should choose yourself. This will help regulate news feed of your child and fill it with useful content 50% minimum
  • read Microsoft recommendations regarding safe use of social networks by children

 Protect your children from harmful effect of mass media

Smartphone/Tablet PC:

  • once a week check installed smartphone/tablet PC software (games also), discuss their necessity and teach your child to keep smartphone/tablet PC in normal condition
  • block social network notifications in smartphone/tablet PC to prevent your child from checking social network messages in his/her smartphone/tablet PC every minute (instruction for iOS, instruction for Android)
  • activate “Children Internet” service on your child’s SIM-card to block his/her accessto harmful content
  • limit internet traffic for a smartphone/tablet PC to 1 Gb (traffic volume can vary depending on call rate)

Print media:

  • together with your child choose some periodicals and subscribe to them (or regularly buy them)
  • read (or at least look through) the books, magazines and newspapers you child reads.

Translated by Sergey Sorokin

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