Adverse cartoon indicators

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1. The main characters of the cartoon are aggressive, they maim rapidly, kill, harm. Moreover, all the details are “relished”, even if everything is filed under the guise of humor.

2. The bad behavior of the characters through the story stays unpunished, or even lead to the improvement of their lives: getting recognition, popularity, wealth, etc.

3. The plot demonstrates actions which can be dangerous for health or life in the event of a repeat attempt in real life.

4. The cartoon characters have inherent behavior, unconventional for their gender: male characters behave like women, female – like men.

5. The plot contains scenes of disrespectful behavior towards people, animals, plants. This may be a mockery of old age, infirmity, weakness, physical disabilities, social and material inequality.

priznaki vrednogo multfilma 1 Adverse cartoon indicators

6. The heroes of the cartoon are not pretty, even ugly. For the child’s perception, for easier orientation as to who is “bad” and who is “good”, it is necessary that the positive character would have likable and pleasant appearance. Then it will be easier to the child to figure out which of the characters should be emulated, and which shouldn’t.

7. The cartoon cultivates an idle life, promotes the ideal of “life as the eternal feast”, a policy of avoiding the difficulties and achieving the objectives by taking the easy way, without working on it or even fraudulently.

8. The ugly side of family relations is derided in the story and shown with highlighted values. The main characters are children in conflict with their parents, who are shown being silly and ridiculous. Heroes-marrieds behave in relation to each other mean, disrespectful, unscrupulously. The ideal of individualism and rejection of the veneration of conjugal and family traditions is promoted.

9. There are storylines in the movie, which defame and describe everything connected with maternity, birth and upbringing of children in contemptuous and fastidious way. Motherboard images look repulsive, their way of life is shown as flawed and defective.

Margarita Nowickaya Psychologist

Translated by Sergey Sorokin

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