Dictatorship of madness

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Very many things, which we are now writing about, became clear to us not at once, sometimes years after some first impulse. It was hard to explain what kind of impulse it was, but as a rule it all started with a vague feeling: awkwardness, anxiety, inner protest … Logically we could not justify this discomfort, and in the case we are about to tell, we were even initially ashamed of our negative reaction.

Unusual congress

In the summer of 1994, having come to the international congress on social psychiatry in Hamburg, we saw a strange picture: a significant number of delegates of the congress looked insane.

“It’s amazing! Why are Western doctors so similar to their patients? “- we thought.

But it soon became clear that these are natural patients. We were again astounded: how can you show sick people to a huge hall, like little animals in a circus?

Western colleagues smiled indulgently at the stereotypedness of our thinking and explained that we are witnessing the greatest humanistic experiment. For the first time at a scientific congress patients of psychiatric clinics, including those suffering from profound disturbances, will make reports on a par with the coryphaeuses of medicine. And they really did them, interlacing detailed descriptions of delusions and hallucinations with fierce criticism of doctors and methods of treatment, and also demanding for themselves the right to drive cars, to work in court and other authorities. The behavior of doctors, too, however, was unusual for us. They always chewed something, drank water from bottles, talked loudly, got up in the middle of speeches – even when the report was made by a scientist of world renown! – And left the room by shoals. The queues for coffee and sandwiches during working hours and during breaks were almost identical. Listening to the patients’ speeches, the doctors for some reason enjoyed themselves. So preschoolers and junior schoolchildren are amused, looking at clowns dubbing each other with inflatable hammers. Such tactlessness was contrary to our notions of medical ethics, but we also wrote off this for stereotyped stereotypes.

diktatura bezumiya 1 Dictatorship of madness

On the last day, something very unthinkable happened. The patients, on whom the whole unusual situation was acting excitably, were completely disengaged and without invitation they threw the shaft onto the stage, trying to get to the microphone. The Indian woman with her black hair, waving in a bright exotic outfit, waving her arms, which were all from shoulder to wrist, were hung with sparkling bracelets. So, probably, the ancient Pythia were raging, falling into ecstasy.

Another, local patient (or rather, the client – at the congress it was said a lot that from considerations of political correctness of patients now can not be called patients, as this puts them in a subordinate, and therefore, humiliated position) shouting that he is in Germany closely, lacks freedom . And he threatened to escape to the pampas. And then, cutting himself off in mid-sentence, he sang a song of those same pampas or, perhaps, prairies and began to portray a cowboy on horseback. But soon the song was interrupted, too, because the lover of freedom ran to the old professor, who sat on the podium, and began to choke him. The organizers had to give up human rights, and the inflamed cowboy was taken out of the hall.

But before we had time to breathe, a girl appeared on the stage, who, without claiming to be a microphone, flopped down on her knees to another member of the presidium (he was much younger than the first) and quickly and dexterously began to undress him. The audience roared with delight. Through the laughter, the whistling and encouraging shouts of the psychiatric brotherhood, scraps of phrases were heard: “What are we doing here? .. Dear, we are just wasting time …Let’s go from here… We need each other…”

Here we could not stand it and, having spat on political correctness, said to a German colleague who took care of us at the congress: “Why did you bring this sick woman here? She has a sharp psychosis”.

The colleague reacted unexpectedly and with a noticeable irritation:

“How do you know it’s sick?” Did you test it? Maybe she’s just a psychiatrist, Dr. Kruger’s friend…

We are ashamed of being silenced, because they really did not test… And what is visible to the naked eye, so it’s someone who has a vision…

But our half-naked Dr. Kruger (we call him so) rescued our reputation. Removing his lover, he apologized to the microphone in front of the hall for the fact that the patient became agitated and behaves somewhat emotionally.

What happened next, we, frankly, remember little. It remains only the impression of a nightmare, some kind of general insanity. And in the swollen head flashed the thought that at the next congress the mentally ill will probably already be sitting not only in the hall, but also in the presidium. And through time completely will grasp the power, having got powers of organizers. After all, with their maniacal pressure, they will sweep away any obstacle on their way.

Then this thought seemed more humorous to us. In any case, we did not develop it. But now, looking at what is happening around, somehow vividly recalled their Hamburg impressions and thought that all this is more sad than funny. And most importantly, it’s not so far from the truth, as it seemed to us in the early 90’s! At the congress, one of the most important tendencies of the modern reorganization of the world – the blurring of the boundaries between insanity and norm was revealed.

Catching up with America

Actually, the talk about the fact that normal people do not exist in principle and that no one knows where the bright person ends and the mentally unhealthy person begins, have been conducted for a long time. We, at least, remember such sentiments from the very childhood. And who does not know the common myth of the cohesion of insanity and genius? As well as that all talented people, though with an easy, but crank? In times of stagnation, the critical attitude towards psychiatry among our intelligentsia was further aggravated by the practice of placing dissidents in a lunatic asylum. There were not so many cases like they were supposed to think, but they received loud publicity, for in the Brezhnev era there were gaps in the “Iron Curtain”: someone was listening to the Voice of America radio station, someone was reading an underground press. And even when the dissident was really mentally not quite normal, this was closed down, because the admiration for the courage of a man who put himself at risk in the name of universal freedom outweighed all other considerations.

Therefore, when the perestroika was allowed to withdraw from psychiatric accounting at will or not at all to register, society took this legislative easing as a triumph of trampled justice. It seemed that political fighters finally got the right to dismiss false accusations. But in fact it turned out that a huge number of real patients were removed from the register, because one of the signs of a serious mental illness is a decrease in criticism. The patient does not adequately assess his condition, considering himself absolutely healthy, but the folkes, advising him to be treated, crazy or villains.

We are often inclined to extol our identity and superiority even in some negative things. Logically, “our paralytics are the most progressive.” But in this case, this logic is easy to debunk. In 1997 St. Petersburg publishing house “Peter Press” published a book by the American author E. Fuller Torrey “Schizophrenia”. In particular, it describes the so-called de-institutionalization, denationalization of psychiatric care in the US, a process that included, in particular, a sharp reduction in patients in state psychiatric hospitals. This policy began to gain strength in America from the beginning of the 1960s, just when the development of social projects, which seemed to be quite different and independent from each other, was actually aimed at: the goal of building a global society.

diktatura bezumiya 2 Dictatorship of madness

“The scale of deinstitutionalization,” the author writes, “can hardly be perceived. In 1955, there were 559,000 chronically ill patients in state psychiatric clinics. Today there are less than 90 thousand of them. The population in the period from 1955 to 1993 increased from 166 to 258 million people, which means that if per capita in 1993 there were the same number of hospitalized patients as in 1955, then their total the number would be 869 thousand. Consequently, at present, about 780 thousand people, i.e. more than three quarters of a million who were in psychiatric hospitals in 1955, live among us”. And sums it up, saying: “90 percent of those who were placed in a psychiatric hospital forty years ago today are not in it”.

In the author’s opinion, this state of affairs was largely influenced by Ken Kesey’s famous book “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, which was published in 1962. In Russia, the film of the same name, shot on this book, is more famous. From the filing of Kesey people began to confuse the cause and effect: hospitalization began to be considered one of the major causes of mental illness. And accordingly, as a treatment, it was suggested simply to release patients to freedom. In the film, as you remember, this idea is embodied in the image of an Indian fleeing from a madhouse, which somehow suspiciously resembles a concentration camp. (So ​​the cry of “punitive psychiatry,” which has risen in the perestroika, was also echoing from another continent when it became possible to crush the psychiatric service not only in America, but also in the Soviet Union.)

diktatura bezumiya 3 Dictatorship of madness

Fuller believes that Ken Kesey was honestly mistaken, wanted a good and just did not think of something. But rather then Fuller is mistaken, and Kesey was a very sophisticated person and conscientiously carried out the order. In the 60-es he played one of the important roles in creating the so-called youth counterculture, the largest globalist project to introduce the ideology of neo-paganism. In particular, Kesey lectured at the Izalen Institute, whose motto “Do what you want” was borrowed from Satanists. Why did you need to destroy the psychiatric service, we’ll say a little later. For now, only note that this was done intentionally.

Very contributed to the “release” of mental patients, according to Fuller, and American lawyers, of whom, incidentally, bred in those years a great many. In the chapter “The magnitude of the disaster,” we read: “In Wisconsin, one such advocate claimed that a schizophrenic patient – … a person who ate his feces – does not constitute a danger to himself, and the judge, having accepted the side of the defense, did not consider it necessary to forcefully treat the patient” . “As a reward for my work,” Fuller sneers, “they [lawyers] now have a huge number of homeless, mentally ill people who are free-they are free to be in a state of constant psychosis.”

You read this book – and almost everything that it says about the destruction of psychiatric care can be attributed to Russia. To add only it is necessary years 30 – and the situation in Russia will turn out. For example, Fuller complains that the services of psychiatrists and psychologists after the denationalization of psychiatric services have become inaccessible for many. There are plenty of specialists, but they prefer to do private practice. Do not we have the same thing? Before the perestroika, all psychiatric services were free of charge. Now in many – including children! – formally treated for money and a considerable amount of it.

The cost of drugs has risen dramatically. A number of cheap domestic preparations (such as, for example, pyrazidol, azafen, frenolone) disappeared from the sale; the list of drugs that patients with the disability group should receive free of charge is now severely restricted.

Note that even in such an ultra-capitalist state as the United States, psychiatric care was recently free of charge, since mental illness was socially significant and the state considered it its duty, on the one hand, to patronize such patients, and on the other, to ensure their health a completely legitimate right to mental safety. Now, after changing the “course” is not that there is no talk of mental safety, but physical is often not provided. “According to one of the works,” Fuller writes, “over the past year, 9 percent of schizophrenic patients not isolated from society used weapons in fights. According to other sources, 27 percent of patients discharged from psychiatric clinics, both male and female, committed at least one act of violence during the first four months after leaving the hospital. The number of acts of aggression committed by schizophrenic patients against members of their families has also sharply increased”.

It’s no surprise that the author calls the denationalization of the psychiatric service “the biggest failed social experiment in America” ​​and adds that it “is comparable in its consequences with the launching of a kind of psychiatric “Titanic”.

Nevertheless, the experiment is not only not stopped, but also extended to other countries. Including Russia. The results are relevant: a huge number of homeless people, untreated alcoholics who unhindered terrorize both adult family members and children. And juvenile strolls, among whom is the percentage of mental pathology so high? And the growth of serious crimes is largely on the conscience of crafty humanists.

Now a person suffering from a serious mental disorder can threaten his relatives as much as he likes. While he did not bring his threat to execution – do not you dare talk about forced hospitalization. The husband of one of our friends in a state of psychosis threw heavy objects from the balcony. And that, he managed to put in the hospital? No matter how it is! He refused treatment, considering himself perfectly healthy. And his wife, when she came to the psychiatric hospital, was said: “Sorry, but there is nothing we can do to help. Now, if he had not just thrown off the TV from the balcony, but had knocked a passerby, then – yes, we would have followed him. And in this case we have no right. ”

If we repeat again after Fuller a long and hard-to-pronounce word, it should be noted that after deinstitutionalizing treatment, the adherents of globalism institutionalized, as it were gosudarstate, legalized the insanity. And simply you can say this: opening the doors of crazy houses, they are trying to turn the whole world into a madhouse. Declaring patients healthy, at the same time, make enormous efforts to make the healthy people mad.

In Russia the “process has gone” with delay for some tens years. Once, no longer in Germany, but in Moscow we had a long conversation with a German. The conversation was complicated and concerned the spiritual problems of modern life. Usually with foreigners such conversations last – if at all – very short. They are obviously tired. And our German guest understood everything from a half-word and was so caught up in conversation that he showed no signs of fatigue. And even, forgetting about European etiquette, I was ready to speak until morning.

- And what do the people of your circle in Germany think about the problems we are discussing? – we asked, secretly sighing that they did not meet there so close in spirit interlocutors.
The face of the German historian was clouded.
“I do not have a circle.” In Germany, I do not have anyone to say.
- Why?
He answered without hesitation:
“We have been brainwashing for more than 40 years, and you have just started it.” So in Russia there are many normal people who are able to understand the meaning of what is happening.

Walking with Gannushkin

Well, let’s take advantage of this advantage. Paradoxically, it also consists in the fact that, catching up, globalizers are trying to quickly download in Russians all the “achievements of the civilized world”, to which Western people have become accustomed gradually, for half a century. Therefore, a smooth change of values ​​in Russia did not happen, as well as total adaptation to the new reality: for many, it, on the contrary, causes allergies and rejection. But even those who seem to want to fit in are still quite fresh in memory of what in Russia (and until recently in the West!) Has traditionally been considered the norm, and what is psychopathology.

Well, and if so, let’s, while we have not completely discarded memory, let’s see how the living space is becoming increasingly adepts of globalization in various departments of a madhouse.

Take at least fashion

The designers of the global world, apparently, decided to use it as one of the strongest means of pathologizing the psyche. Yes, of course, fashion has always existed, but it rather reflected the processes taking place in society, but did not shape them. (For example, the need to use public transport caused some shortening of skirts.) Since the beginning of the 1960s, when globalists started talking about the need to make a “shift in the cultural paradigm” in the world and began to actively shape the “culture of rock-sex-drugs” to use as a battering ram piercing a gap in the mass consciousness. At first there was a swinging in contrasts: miniskirts – maxi-skirts; trousers-pipes – wide flared; snakelike shoes – square noses; a tight silhouette – a “sack”.

At first, the changes were rather slow, as the new fashion always caused shock in the older generation, society resisted. Remember at least how many debates were caused by shoes on the platform or on a high hairpin. But over time, the flashing of frames accelerated. You will not have time to blink an eye, and the fashion has radically changed. By the end of the 70’s in western fashion magazines such as “Burda” wrote that now the fashion can change even within the same season: let’s say, in the beginning of summer “squeak” – a dress in a large polka-dot, and a month later – in a strip. But nevertheless approximately up to the middle of 80th the fashion all the same corresponded to the main mission which consists in that people to decorate. And the clothes were designed and selected to brighten up, hide the natural flaws of the exterior. Remember, not so long ago, not only in fashion magazines, but also in women’s magazines, you were given advice on how to disguise excessive leanness or, conversely, overweight, visually narrow your too wide shoulders or expand your overly narrow thighs. Of course, even then there were fat women who were wearing a mini-skirt, but they were a laughing stock to others. And my family tried to make wise women with such bad taste.

diktatura bezumiya 4 Dictatorship of madness

But towards the end of the 80’s, silhouettes and styles began to appear, which could not decorate any figure, but made the appearance ridiculous, caricatured, sometimes clownish. Trousers with harnesses on their stomachs disfigured even the most slender girls. Women, after all, always cared about the belly being concealed. Hence – spacious folk dresses; The noblewomen who followed the European fashion, on the contrary, were dragged into a corset. But in any case, to demonstrate a large belly was considered indecent. And then even the thin man looked paunchy! And in addition, tapering to the bottom of the trousers created the impression of a huge drooping pose. Not ladies’ trousers, but the dream of a clown!

At the same time, the absolutely awkward men’s outfits became popular too. For example, red trousers, shirts with lace cuffs and guipure frills.

Someone may ask: “What is this caricature of clothes? What’s in it clownish? Jabot very much decorates”.

Indeed, the frill is a beautiful piece of clothing. Only female, but not male.

“But what about graphs, marquises and barons at balls?” – does not stop a disputant.

But the time of counts, marquises and palace balls passed. A modern man who came to work in jabot or was choked in the perestroika queues, picking up oil on coupons, looked, frankly, ridiculous. Nonsense does not decorate anyone.

So it turns out that in the fashion of the 80s, signal bells already clearly enough sounded, because the caricature of the appearance, and the desire to resemble the being of the opposite sex, and the anachronism in the clothes, are all psychiatric symptoms.

diktatura bezumiya 5 Dictatorship of madness

In subsequent years in the fashion there were fewer and fewer ridiculous absurdities and more and more absurdities appeared that were frankly ugly, disgusting and even frightening. High-minded wise men started talking about the aesthetics of ugliness, art critics – about agony forms of art. But we will not develop agonistic art history, for that is patented specialists who receive overseas grants. We better look at the newest fashion in terms of psychopathology. I wonder what the luminaries of Russian and Soviet psychiatry would say, walking along the modern streets of Moscow, descending into the subway, looking into the youth disco? Korsakov, Gannushkin, or Kashchenko could not have arranged their famous professors’ lectures for medical students in psychiatric clinics that now bear their names. Why take patients out of the ward and bring them to the audience, when you can go out and pleasantly arrange a workshop in the open air?

Here the woman not simply full, and with morbid obesity. But it is in tight, trousers more similar to hoses and the same tight shirt. Yes, the so-called “fat-show”, festivals and clubs of fat people did not pass in vain, in which the stars of the stage were asked, also, to put it mildly, not very thin. No one even pays attention to this woman. And is she the only one? Meanwhile, this is a vivid example of a reduced criticism that accompanies serious mental illnesses.

Here is an old woman in a denim skirt, sneakers and a baseball cap with a bright red visor. The style of the seventh-grader girl. Gannushkin, probably, would qualify this as senile dementia. But today for such a diagnosis in the madness would have accused Gannushkin himself. It’s so beautiful when a person does not remember her age and at seventy-five wants to look like fifteen! So, she is young at heart, does not lose heart, believes that she still has everything ahead…

But look at the real 15-year-olds. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt that has always been considered an attribute of the underwear of a man. Bare shoulders are disfigured by tattoos. On one shoulder a dragon, on the other – some kisser. In the ear a lot of earrings – around the perimeter of the auricle. Clarified, like a woman’s hair, stands on end. The view is rather nightmarish, but the girl looks uglier. Blue lips, she reminds the deceased, black nails on the hands and feet – one who is not to the night be remembered, and shaved on the head of the path are similar to the bald spots that occur in those suffering from trichotillomania – a very severe neurotic disorder, when patients tear out hair on their heads, pull out eyebrows and eyelashes.

diktatura bezumiya 6 Dictatorship of madness

Such an obvious disfigurement of their appearance is called in medicine “damage of the image.” It happens with very serious mental disorders. But if you look through the latest fashion magazines, it becomes clear who induces insanity to the general public. Magazines hairstyles as if issued to help witches, so that they could bring themselves in order before the flight to the coven. All ideas about the beauty of hair are turned inside out. Always valued lush, thick hair. Now, with the help of special techniques, it seems that there are three hairs on the head. And how much effort the barber spent to achieve a neat haircut, perfectly even bangs! Now it’s fashionable to cut at random, criss-cross. Think about the very word “hairstyle”. Hair is being combed, bringing each other closer and simultaneously to the head. Now, it would be more appropriate to call a fashionable hairdo a “rag-tatter” – uneven patly also chaotically assay. Well, and at last, at the most different fashion on hairstyles never was disputed, that hair should be clean. Now they need to be specially salted and in addition to turn into a tow.

The untidiness is now raised to the shield. Skirts with skewed hem or even rags, jeans on jeans, specially torn heels on stockings, shirts protruding from under sweaters or deliberately buttoned up in the wrong button, saggy t-shirts, a three-day bristle… But after all, untidiness is also one of the clinical symptoms. And more precisely – one of the most important indications for schizophrenia. Psychiatric patient chronicles tend to forget whether his clothes are buttoned, whether he has long washed his hair or shaved…

- Come on, scare you! The reader will be indignant. – And here psychiatric news? How much do people look to fit fashion?

But you can not match fashion purely formally. To smear lips with blue dead lipstick and at the same time remain a trusting and joyful child. Demonstrativeness, slovenliness, ugliness, indecency of fashion dictates and style of behavior. And the style of behavior is directly related to the inner essence of man. Even those people who slavishly do not imitate fashion, still are being cooked in this juice and gradually get used to ugliness as in the new norm.

If the great Gannushkin, whom we left to conduct an imaginary workshop on a Moscow street, saw a pregnant woman drinking from a throat in a short summer t-shirt, ending just above a huge naked belly with a ring in the navel, he would have had to spread his hands and confess to his young colleagues, that this is some kind of hitherto unknown, complex, polysymptomatic mental disorder.

But our contemporaries do not observe any painful symptoms here. And what? Fine! It is necessary to walk in something when it’s hot! Is the belly naked? Think! What is natural, then do not be ashamed. Well, about the piercing in the navel is generally ridiculous to mention. This is decorative, and maybe there is some point of acupuncture in the navel useful. And then, the girl, probably, has long pierced a navel and has simply forgotten a ringlet to take out. Tired out – and forgot, before the birth you know how much trouble. And let the beer pour on health, the baby will then grow inside her, like in leaps and bounds…

For centuries, people remembered that a woman who is expecting a child should cause a feeling of reverence, because the prototype is the Mother of God! And even in the godless Soviet times, awe has not yet disappeared. Often repeated after a pre-revolutionary writer: “The future mother is always beautiful,” Madonna was compared… And suddenly – at once everyone forgot… Just some collective feeble-mindedness is obtained, or, in the translation into a psychiatric language, dementia…

diktatura bezumiya 7 Dictatorship of madness

But this dementia is largely man-made. And fashion legislators are among the creators of not the last place. What a dizzying, olympic height raised the representatives of this profession! Couturiers, who used to be called fashion designers and modelers, and even earlier – modists, cutters and tailors, existed from time immemorial. And people really needed their services. We have already said that clothing played an important decorative role, especially in women’s lives. Therefore, the advice of fashion designers was listened to. But they somehow were not accepted to ask – especially in print and on TV! – what kind of economy the state needs, which side should be supported in the “military conflict” between the US and Iraq, whether or not it is legal to sell drugs, whether there is a future for human cloning, and what is more expedient: to keep the conscription or go to the contract service.

People see it on the screen, listen on the radio, read and think: “He’s so smart, so important! Yesterday they showed in the news how he was present at the festive Kremlin dinner. And this one, from France, with a double surname, sick with AIDS, dresses queens … he talked on television yesterday about the future of the planet, and everyone looked into his mouth… Since they are so great, these couturiers, everyone understands everything, their business, they certainly academicians! Where do we have piercings? Need to go…”

How to drive one crazy

Along with the fashionable cutters, the “stylists of life” are now appointed pop singers and popular hosts. Here the models of behavior are broadcast not indirectly through clothing models, but directly. And they represent the widest spectrum of mental deviations, distortions (in the professional language – deviations and perversions). Pop singers were popular before. But even if one of them behaved somewhat extravagantly, then, with the amendment to the profession, it did not go beyond the norm. Now, on the recognition of the artists themselves, if you do not have a perversion or even some kind of “crazy”, you have to invent something for yourself. Otherwise, forget about career growth.

Try once to look at the screen with a detached gaze.

Perhaps, for this purpose it is even better to turn off the sound, so that the visual line is more convex. Often a middle-aged artist or actress lifts her legs above her head, impetuously drops her clothes on stage (the passion for public exposure is called exhibitionism), jumps and  jerks in convulsions in the manner of a severe neurological disease – the dances of St. Witt or Parkinson’s disease. They have bulging eyes, like those in patients with acute psychosis. Well, if you turn on the sound, you will hear screams, howling, groaning, rattling, and we will understand that we are dealing with insanity, which is diligently induced to the hall.

And the public also starts to jerk, whistle, hoot. Madness is contagious, so that the entire concert hall, and even the stadium, for a time turns into a huge riotous division of a madhouse.

From the above scene it can be seen that the psychotronic weapon is not necessarily some mysterious radiation that invisibly destroys the human brain.

Twenty minutes of brazen pressure was enough to cause a temporary, but a massive psychosis. Yes, and on the occasion of a controversial issue. How can devilry go without a trace to the human soul? After all, the next time a single wave of the hand (or the word “drive”) will be enough for someone to recall the whole chain of stimuli leading to an insane riot …

The personality of a teenager who participates in such crowd shots – whether on television, at a stadium, at a rock concert or at a discotheque – begins to be distorted. Almost all parents pay attention to the fact that the child becomes more irritable, aggressive, does not tolerate remarks, has a low boiling point. It gives rise to some kind of incomprehensible desire for destruction, sympathy disappears, conscience stops, the heart seems to stun, it’s impossible to reach. But after all, such a devastating aggression in combination with spiritual stupidity is one of the main characteristics of the heboid or nuclear (affecting the core of the personality) schizophrenia! And now the heboid schizophrenics are offered to our children as models for imitation. Heroes of computer games, with which a child identifies with himself, are the only ones who do that they break walls, set fire to houses, blow up cities and kill everyone indiscriminately. Heboid schizophrenics are filled with modern movies.

You object that they are on the screen, negative characters. And this objection is true. In a normal reality, viewers usually sympathize with goodies and do not accept villains. But in psychogenic reality everything is different. Now, when the creators of the “new global world” are doing everything to change the poles of good and evil, to raise evil to the rank of norm, and then to the rank of virtue (respectively, reducing virtue to the level of curiosity, and then – to the level of vice), children are intuitively feel this change of signs and want to imitate evil as they want to imitate champions.

Other examples of insanity show us TV commercials, where healthy men lick their lips, voluptuously sigh, drool and ecstatically roll their eyes, almost losing their senses when they taste yoghurt, ice cream, pizza. This age-so exaggerated-sensual attitude toward food is peculiar to the mentally ill, classified as “schizoid infantile”. This little child is so dependent on delicious food that for him the refusal to buy a chocolate is a tragedy, and getting it is a source of delight. A normal adult person, even who loves to eat, does not go crazy from the mere thought of “tasty”. One of the examples that people like to teach in psychiatry lectures is when the schizoid infantile is ready to give up all the important things and to wander around the city in search of an early strawberry, and then, to exhaustion, to stand in line with her (example, as you guess, taken from the Soviet period). Will it be clear to many today? We do not mean the queue, but the pathology of behavior. “What’s wrong with that?” A man simply loves strawberries, “the philistine will say, already damaged by the daily sight of the feeble-minded, who, with shameless greed, suck up their fingers smeared with ketchup. – What you, however, are wicked, to all carp! This, in the end, is his business, what to spend his own time! 

But the value orientation of infantile only seems so harmless. Especially when you remember about the current political situation: NATO bases on the territory of the former USSR, the excesses of America, which behaves like a giant unbuttoned heboid; the inclusion of Russia in the “axis of world evil,” Japan’s claims to the Kurils, the claims of Germany to the Kaliningrad region, the purchase by foreigners of domestic enterprises and lands. Here is the background of adults, capable men who are taught to enjoy, having thrown out of their heads these “nonsenses” – they say, it does not depend on us anyway – with a beer and the baking of the firm “Nyam-yum” (the name inviting not just to fall into childhood, but to identify with the infant who has not yet emerged from the period of babbling speech).

And the actors who make absurd faces, portraying food enthusiasm, simultaneously with the advertisement of yogurt advertise the pathological image of a person. “According to the theory of social learning, both children and adults acquire certain attitudes, master emotional reactions and new types of behavior of movie and television characters (Bandura, 1973; Liebert, Neale & Davidson). In view of the highest efficiency and widespread use of tele-modeling, the mass media play an extremely important role in shaping human behavior and social relations“, wrote N. Markova, who researched this issue in the book” Technology of Destruction “(Moscow, 2002).

Standards are the same symptoms

It is impossible not to mention the purposeful splitting of the mass consciousness. In both TV and newspaper journalism, a special term appeared: “cutting”. This is so that everything was a little bit, and all in one heap. At the same time, editors with aplomb say that people allegedly forgot how to perceive more or less voluminous and serious materials. I remember, at the dawn of tthe perestroika, the director A. Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, enriched with experience in Hollywood, talked about the peculiarities of the demanding American public.

“The attention of the local viewer,” he explained, “is very narrow, as if they are looking in a telescope. And very short-term – they are not able to fix it on one thing longer than a minute. Therefore, in the States such highly professional films: no long, only “action”.

Now such a “demanding” viewer is formed in our country. But Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, without knowing it himself, – he was a director by profession, not a psychiatrist – described patients with so-called “field behavior” and attention, in professional terms, “narrowed by the type of corridor.” Even in children, field behavior is considered the norm of up to two years, a maximum of three. And here it is for adults… Comments may seem tactless.

It is better to proceed to a brief listing of other pathologies provoked by the ill-fated “cutting”. This is also the severity of consciousness, when a person is incapable of constructing the simplest logical chain. This (again professional terminology) jump of ideas. This emotional dullness, which arises as a pathological defensive reaction to gluing tragic news with neutral and even joyful. (“The maniac brutally killed another victim.” The dollar exchange rate remained the same. The beer festival opens tomorrow”).

And when a person is stunned every day with so many shocking news, he also has a protective character – amnesia. In war, such memory disorders are often the result of concussion. In today’s information war, the role of shells and bombs is played by cleverly arranged and appropriately submitted information. Concerned by its blast wave, TV viewers hardly remember what they saw yesterday. And political events, which they so closely watched a year ago, can not be restored in memory even at gunpoint.

And how much strength is left to attach as many people as possible to various sexual perversions, which (maybe not all of them know?) Also belong to the category of psychopathology! These programs encourage voyeurism on the part of spectators and exhibitionism, a deviation associated with a love for publicly exposed participants. And how are monstrophilia (pathological love for ugliness) and pedophilia heated in the media? (Until recently this term had to be explained, but now, alas, it is no longer required, television has taken care of enlightening the masses)!

Sometimes a clinical diagnosis is not easy to put. For example, in TV advertising, when the whole family, having gathered at the table, steals each other’s sausages, and this is served as a fun game. Who are these igrines: oligophrenic or kleptomaniacs? Or is it a mixed defect? Professor Gannushkin is not enough…

Until recently, even very young children were left alone. Computer games, idiotic books and even cartoons with Batman and cyborg – all this was not yet for them. But now there are developments that cover this age group. And then suddenly they for the first three years of life will have time to form normally?

“Teletubbies – the world’s first babies program for up to one year – appeared in England in 1997 and was immediately exported to the US by PBS (Public Broadcasting Station – Public Television (Sesame Street) – specializing in children’s educational products, – writes the sociologist N.E. Markova, already quoted by us. From the very beginning, the producers of the telecast persistently positioned it as a teaching… Advertising claimed that the program develops the imagination of infants, facilitates their motor development, promotes preverbal development and teach handling techniques.

diktatura bezumiya 8 Dictatorship of madness

Do you see how attractive? Moreover, it is now fashionable to engage in the early intellectual development of children. But from the analysis of N.E. Markova it becomes obvious that there can be no talk of any intellectual development. Quite the contrary. How to teach a small child? – Show him an object or picture and say: “This is something”. In “Teletubbies” the same verbal information often contradicts the visual. Markova gives a typical example: “Visual information – close-up: the boy’s hand holds a piece of apple. Verbal information: the voice of the child behind the scenes: “This is grapes.”

Or: children’s fingers hold a brush with a red paint, painting a Dymkovo toy. Voice of the child behind the scenes: “This is a green paint.” So the very fragile psyche of the baby is randomized, the assimilation of correct information is blocked.

“Teletubbies” teach deviant behavior as well.

N.E. Markova proposes to consider some of the models of the introduced behavior:

Model of behavior: for the performance of the desired, it is enough to ponet and clap your hands.

The result of mastering the model is a passive character, an inability to achieve the goals set and to deal with life’s difficulties.

Model of behavior: before going to bed, you have to whine, hide, say “No-no”.

The result of mastering the model: neurasthenia, sleep disorders.

Model of behavior: sitting down at the table (on an armchair, a sofa, etc.), loudly imitate farts, which causes cheerful approval of others.

The result of mastering the model: the formation of deviance, indiscriminate, rude, insensitive, selfish.

Model of behavior: you can jump into any holes (devilishly like open hatches), like teletubbies do.

The result of the assimilation of the model: the increase in childhood injuries. Broken arms, legs and spine; warped children’s destinies.

“Let’s list our previous discoveries made while watching Teletubbies,” the researcher sums up, “a tendency to antisocial behavior, deviance and depression; emotional stupidity, passivity, helplessness, destructive thinking, neurasthenia; we add to this the incorrect connections of the elementary verbal-visual series (the child will be confused with green and red, apple and grapes, etc.), firmly grasped in infancy, and we will get a portrait of the future loser and criminal, the drug user”.

And how many people developed the psyche by so-called network marketing! It is naive to think that the numerous techniques of mind-boggling affect only the buyers. Take a closer look at the agents, spreaders and distributors of all Herbalife, clingers and rejuvenating balms. Is it possible to consider as normal a person who, as a routine, chants a learned advertising text, not at all guided by the reaction of those to whom he refers? They can not listen to it, they can even ask to go out and do not interfere with the work, if they came with their goods to the institution – all to no avail. While this live gramophone does not scroll its record to the end, it can not be turned off by any forces. Agree, this behavior is not adequate.

It is also inadequate that the “specialist in network marketing” ceases to differentiate people into its own and others’ ones, by injecting an “exclusive product” (allegedly yesterday the secret development of a military-industrial complex or a drug treated only by members of the Politburo) to all indiscriminately, including close relatives and bosom friends. Although a normal trader does not cash in on his own.

The obsessive distributor does not react to the situation. At a friendly party, at a funeral, on a date with a girl, he can at the most inopportune moment pull out a sample of the cherished goods from the bag and start an advertising campaign. Tell me, can all this be done by a man of sound mind and solid memory? And is it necessary to be a major psychiatrist to diagnose his ill health?

Exacerbation of symptoms

And how disastrous for the people of the hysteroid warehouse (which in the world is not so little!), a rabid sexual propaganda and calls to be liberated! Maybe not everyone knows that “hysteria” in Greek means “womb.” When sexual drives are hypertrophied, it is especially dangerous to disinhibite this area, to warm up. There is, however, an opinion that the less you restrain yourself, the better. Including in intimate life. We reject the false shame – and the psyche is supposed to calm down. But in fact, the opposite is true. Hysteroidity (ie the constitutional feature of a normal character) can develop with such a build-up and often outgrows now-into a natural hysterical psychosis.

“I’ve never seen such acute forms of hysteria as I see now,” admitted one psychiatrist with thirty years of experience in a large Moscow hospital. – Even a hysterical arc can be seen, which was read only in the literature (this is when the patient is arched by a bridge in a state of hysterical fit – note of the author).

Allow a hysterical woman (and hysteria, mostly female sickness, although in connection with the feminization of men, the number of hysterics among the stronger sex has increased significantly) to freely satisfy their lower desires is the same as permitting a person suffering from obesity to eat so many times in as much as he pleases. “Having become sober,” the fat man will very quickly go to kingdom come. But if a patient with obesity harms the debauchery only to himself, the mentally ill, to whom society allows to dissolve, destroys not only himself, but others.

Take the same hysterics. Previously, the excesses of their bad energy spilled over to others mainly in the form of screams, scandals, grievances, sudden tears, which also instantly dried up, as they appeared. While public morality was not shaken, the increased attention of hysterics to a certain side of life often turned into a paradoxical side, i.e. hypocrisy: they convicted others of secret amorous relations on the principle of “chicken millet dreams”. This too was unpleasant, led to conflicts, even to tragedies.

But now, when erotic in honor, sexually anxious citizens no longer hide their true attachments. And the lives of many families turned into hell. It is not hard to imagine what the husband of an “enlightened” hysteroid woman now hears, how she humiliates him, reproaches himself with male impotence, how she advertises her connections on the side, referring to recommendations read in magazines and even heard in medical offices. And since the hysterics are demonstrative, they gladly arrange their concerts in public. Including with children. It’s terrible to think how the soul of a child cripples, who hears obscene accusations against his father.

And what now is the expanse for sexually concerned teachers in school!

Valeology, health lessons, elements of sexual education in literature, history, not to mention biology, in which, if desired, everything can be turned into the needed direction. Moreover, they are really in charge of the relevant subjects in school education, truly “worthy” people. For example, the old sodomite with a completely developed psyche, posing for newspaper photos in his underpants and coquettishly exposing his bare legs, is also an academician of the Academy of Education and almost the chief consultant on the issues of sex education of schoolchildren. And another psychiatric patient hospitalized in his time with the diagnosis of “obsessive sexual fantasies and public masturbation”, now appears as the largest sex therapist on television and cultivates backward Russians, stating, in particular, that only in such a monstrously wild country as ours, so far there are lessons in sexology in schools. Shame on the whole civilized world!

Quickly, however, our Hamburg fantasies about crazy people who soon will dictate to their normal people their rules of human community! And if it were only limited to “sexual revolutionaries” … Colleagues-psychiatrists have repeatedly told us that many representatives of modern power can easily be diagnosed right on TV – so bulging illness. And these sick people in recent years are deciding the fate of the whole country. What, again an accident? But even a small child will not believe it. Especially today, when they tirelessly explain to us that without “promotion” you can not go up.

Then, for what purpose are conditions created for the supremacy of the insane, and ultimately for the transformation of the whole world into a psychiatric hospital without doctors?


Translated by Daria Egorova

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