A simple decision

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- Hello! My name is Olga. I need Your help…
– Hello, what happened?
– My life has turned into a real nightmare! Help me, please, help me, for Heaven’s sake!!!
– Calm down and explain everything to me from the beginning …
– I have a trouble sleeping. I have dreams that are disturbing, and when I wake up, anxiety invades me.
– Anxiety about what?
– Anxiety about future invades me.
– Hm… What else troubles you?
– My husband drinks.
– Does he drink heavy?
– Not heavy, but more and more. He’s getting drunker step by step, but earlier he didn’t drink at all!
– Hm…
– But now everything he cares about is only beer and football. He’s either at work, or under influence. Our marriage is breaking …
– Clear, what else?
– My elder daughter is keen only on guys, parties and fashionable duds!
– But it’s usual for a young girl.
– No, not usual! I’m mother and I know better! Everything she is talking about recently is money and duds! She wasn’t like that !!!

– Olga, no worries and calm down, we’ll try to sort it all out. What else?
– My parents have stopped to go for a walk at all.
– Do you live together with your parents?
– Yes.
– Are they retirees?
– Yes, they are, they have a lot of free time, but they have stopped absolutely to be out and about. They rarely leave the house and mostly don’t go out.
– Do you live in an apartment?
– Yes, we live in a two-bedroom apartment. You should understand, they are old, they need moving necessarily, without moving they will pine away totally, and… I’m worrying about them!
– Hm… Clear, what else?
– Our son always lies, how has he learned it?
– May be at school?
– No, he’s a preschooler. He’s going to school only in autumn!
– In nursery school?

– He did not go to nursery school, we don’t need it. We’re living with grandparents.

– Hm … So, so …

– Do’nt think, he also could not be taught it by them.

– No, no, I didn’t think anything, I’m just trying to think over…

– We have a very decent family and we all are very honest people.

There was deathly silence.

– Listen to me, Olga! I have thought about it and it seems to me that I know what to do. Most likely this will not solve all your problems, but it will greatly facilitate and speed up their solution. Furthermore, it will cost you almost nothing financially.

– I listen to you very carefully!

– Remove the TV from the house.

Sourse: VK-group “Amazing stories and novels”

Translated by Alexandra Rogalyova

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