The film «Dirty Grandpa» as an Indicator of the Lack of immunity in the society


The review is intended for readers over 21 years

One year ago, in February 2015, around the world in theaters showed the film «Fifty Shades of Grey». Then the public tried to rebel against broadcasting, frankly immoral and vulgar film, which idealizes perversions and promote BDSM subculture. However, it was just discussion, nothing happened.

And now, after a year on the screens released film «Dirty Grandpa» with Robert De Niro in the lead role. Again, a large-scale advertising, again positive or neutral comments in the media, again the youth as the main target audience and millions of viewers, drenched with mud from head to toe. At this time, no longer cover the vulgarity in this film nor as romance, nor as erotica, is shown as something normal, something to supposedly you can just laugh.

Many laugh out of habit admired play of Robert De Niro and absurd plot, tolerant criticized the film for «excessive vulgarity», but still recommend not to miss the «new trends» in the film, however, make a note that the film is not for the «prude». We will say more bluntly: the film is not for the people, to be exact – for non-humans, or for those who are moving in this direction.

The picture really is unique. Greater concentration the humor about of the genitals, drugs and perversion difficult to find anywhere. In the film, there is absolutely everything – from the scenes of pedophilia and bestiality and penis to Robert De Niro the whole screen.

The whole ideology of the film can be described as a short monologue of the same «Dirty Grandpa»:

«Your grandmother wanted me to do it. Dying, she said that i may not grieve, and live the way i want. And what I want? I want to that devil out of college gave me a blow job! This will make me feel young again. What’s bad about it? What do I have left? Dead wife, dying friends, a few more healthy years, if you’re lucky, and it pisses me off. I do not expect that you will understand me, you’re still young, you still live a long time, until you look into the this abyss».

the film dirty grandpa as an indicator of the lack of immunity in the society 4 The film «Dirty Grandpa» as an Indicator of the Lack of immunity in the society

Consequently, all 102 minutes of the film’s grandfather accompanied by his young grandson persistently embodies your desires in life. For a complete understanding of what the audience show, we describe in detail the 10-minute excerpt of the film (to see it, click on the spoiler)

CONTENTS 10 minutes long parts of the film - 21+ age limit:

9:13 – Grandpa (the day after the funeral of grandmother) watching pornography and masturbating;

9:34 – Grandfather for pours grandson a glass of whiskey, and when grandson tries to give up and instead drink, he want eat his breakfast, grandfather replied: «In a glass is your breakfast. We climbed into the giant vagina (they talking about the car) that you drove, and bring down here»;

10:30 – Grandpa drinks from a flask in the car;

10:40 – Grandfather: «If you spill something , this giant tampon absorbs everything …»

11:40 – Grandfather: «I’d prefer to Kim Kardashian shit in my mouth from a balloon …»

11:55 – Grandfather: « I am going into the wine department, will take more of this liquor, then we meet in your dildo (he again talks about the car)»

12:28 – There are female characters: «I already had one graduate, do you forget? I fucked Tony that was divorced, with large balls, in the toilet at a party…»

12:40 Speaking of girls:

– And what is «trefekto»?

– This is when the first course you have to fuck freshman, graduate and professor;

12:50 – Grandpa casts an appraising look at the asses of girls;

13:05 – «A whore, you at least have to develope a gait like supermodel …»;

14:50 – scene of dating : «I lost my virginity at a party at my grandfather, my name is Lenore …»;

15:05 – A girl lights a cigar (cigar next minute, constantly appears in the frame);

15:50 Conversation grandpa and student:

– We have a long-standing dispute, who of us is the best golfer, my putter are a little more.

– Well, maybe, you will shove in it into me until the handle ..;

16:30 Talk grandfather and grandson:

– I look like?

– As the author of a report on anal sex!

17:10 – Grandfather: «Hold on tight, hands should be on my putter , let the finger push through (grandfather teaches a young girl playing golf)…»

18:40 – Grandpa, «You are a repellent to deter vaginas, these cougars want to have fun…»

19:00 – Talk grandfather and grandson:

– The grandmother was buried yesterday, and you flirt to the girls from the college, masturbate to porn, what’s wrong with you?

– Jason, I want to fuck for the first time in forty years, I am single now, and I want to fuck, until my dick does not fall off, I want fuck mare and drink all her blood. I was true to your grandmother every day for 40 years, and in the menopause and cancer, she was the love of my life, and I miss her every day. But she told me on his deathbed, «Now go and take with you!». I have not had sex for 15 years, and I want to fuck, to fuck, to fuck …

20:00 Grandpa: «You’re just a machine dick-blocking you as a system of» dome «,but you not to shoot down the rocket, only the vaginas …»And so on. Almost all scene in the film had discussed genital themes, or tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

In addition to immersion in a continuous stream of obscene language, in the same time to instill the basics of tolerance. Let us estimate one of the highlights of the movie scenes.

the film dirty grandpa as an indicator of the lack of immunity in the society 3 The film «Dirty Grandpa» as an Indicator of the Lack of immunity in the society

The main characters – sexually preoccupied grandfather, his grandson, and their girlfriends and friend-homosexual – relax in the bar. One of the blacks begins to insult the homosexual, and the grandfather offers him to go to «talk.» Because grandpa served in the Special Forces, he knock down nigger, and then we hear the following dialogue:

- you should apologize for being mocked because he are gay.
– I’m sorry I made fun of the fact that you’re gay.
– Tell me that grew up in a different era, but now you know what is not good to judge people based on their sexual orientation. And if you with a gay would have to, for some reason, to repel an attack of terrorists, say him that you would have chosen for this mission his.
– If me with a gay, would have to repel an attack of terrorists, I would have chosen you.

But how Granddaddy takes indignation over grandson the fact that his grandfather used drugs:

- You are now smoking hashish.. , it’s starting the drug!?
– You’ve just started to nagging, take it – blow some smoke!

Another episode is programmed for the use of alcohol – grandson is trying to abandon the beer:

- I have alcohol causes a gag reflex!
– Vomiting reflex!? You beer you drink, you are not swallow a dick of the horse !

And such ideological cliches filled the entire movie. What is it like not promoting alcohol, drugs, sexual perversion?

After all it is served in a positive light – with humor and relying on the authority of Robert De Niro. By the end of the film more and it turns out that his grandfather was just trying to prevent grandson’s wedding with a girl he does not love,such an unusual way. That is, even the character De Niro served as a positive hero.

the film dirty grandpa as an indicator of the lack of immunity in the society 2 The film «Dirty Grandpa» as an Indicator of the Lack of immunity in the society

The video review «theatrical character of actors as an instrument of influence» it was dealt with in detail, the effect from radical change role known actors on the viewer’s . The situation with Robert De Niro – a vivid example. First showed the film «The Intern» where he appears exemplary gentleman, and a few months later released on screens here this slag, where the same Granddaddy taught the younger generation has a new «wisdom of life».

Many will say, why discuss this meanness – I do not like, do not look. But can we be silent when nationwide advertising and show movies in theaters, openly working on the mental debilitation of the population?


In the film, in great detail discusses male and female genitalia, actively promoted non-traditional sexual relations, humiliated honor and dignity of the person, the male sexual organ is shown close up the whole screen.


The main characters are constantly consume alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The viewer is forced upon a large number of behaviors that promote drug use.


There is one scene with the fight.


Film insolently and openly, do not hesitate in expressions relying on the authority of Robert De Niro and humor promotes and spread perversion and drug use. The painting exemplifies not just how to fool the audience, but also how lowering the audience to the level of animals. Admission to be shown on wide screens, the positive reviews in the mainstream media and the lack of mass negative reactions indicate that society has lost immunity.

Dmitry Raevsky

Translated by Svetlana Kuntu

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