Dream thieves

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I have a dream to write a book. A fantastic novel about psychiologists. “Psychiologists ” is a collective term invented by me which includes various marketing specialists who are well trained in psychology and use this science in the interests of business. These faceless cheaters have developed a lot of sneaky psychological tricks to fool many people. All these scoundrels have one owner, one control center, and, of course, a primary goal to completely dehumanize our society and turn the “redundant people” into controlled consumers without a national flag and the Motherland with subsequent disposal. And you know, they succeed.

Such a fantastic story. I’ve been writing it for a very long time. The heroes of this book are ordinary people who got trapped by insidious psychiologists and who dared to stand against them. Working on this story I faced, as probably as any writer, with important question: which way is the best to describe the characters’ images? I spent a lot time thinking about it. What are their deeds or appearance? Maybe some features of character, habits, manner of speech? All this, of course, is important. But over time I came to one interesting insight which was a great discovery me and might be useful for people who write stories. I came to the conclusion that the best way to describe the character’s image is through his DREAM. A character without a dream is nobody. I would advise every novice author to keep that in the mind. There is no need to talk about the heroes’ dreams in the book. It is enough to define this at the very beginning for yourself and to retain this information in your head. And then many things will become clear. The character will begin to live in your fantasy, his actions and goals will be obvious, his personality, mentality and soul will begin to appear.

The dream will shape your personage and create a personality. Since my book is also a story of transformation, I applied the same method to transform the character’s personality. Changing the personage’s dreams under various circumstances and events led to subsequent changes in his character. Even the most cruel villain changes for the better. And, of course, the opposite. As someone said: “Your life will always move in the direction of your strongest thought”. A dream is not a desire to eat potatoes and not a plan for the evening. A dream is a path that life follows. A dream is the “magnet” around which most of our thoughts rotate. And dreams, as you know, can be about different things.

Dad: – …and I dream that you finish your meal and go to bed already.

Little girl: – Dad, take it, we have to dream for the GREAT one.

Background voice: – dream of housewife. Result guaranteed.

But as always, I decided to go a little bit further and apply my discovery not to fictional characters but to the real people. And, you know, it worked. I began to understand other people better. It was enough just to find out what someone is dreaming of and he becomes very clear to me. And this phrase from commercial intentionally was given to a little girl: “…to dream of the GREAT one” – about mayonnaise. A person who dreams of mayonnaise is like an open book to me. I can immediately tell a lot of things about him. Let’s imagine this person. He is, probably, an uneducated, dull citizen with a consumer’s mind, suffering from obesity and a lot of illnesses, he is the perfect target for any marketer-psychiologists. Isn’t that what advertisers make from us – a stupid glutton person? They want to use our dreams against us. Well, of course, it’s just mayonnaise advertising, and it absolutely does not affect society, but let’s ask ourselves: what do modern people dream most of all?

Let’s pause and watch the clip, and then I’ll show you a trick you won’t see in the circus. It’s like a disappearance trick but the other way around.

Man 1: Ladies and Gentlemen! You will now hear a sad but instructive story about a boy named Bobby. Who loved money. Begin.
Man 2: Our Bobby was jolly and kind little tot. A hobby he had, he loved money a lot.
Man 1: A good boy.
Man 2: It was his soft spot.
Man 1: And then?
Man 2: All kids live ordinary kids, no worries or cares. But Bobby on a diet, he is not eating at all.
Man 1: Poor boy.
Man 2: He puts money in the piggy bank. Money-shmoney, money-shmoney day or night you do your best.
Man 1: Make more money! Make more money!
Man 2: Make more money! Make more money! And to hell with all the rest.
Man 1: Then what?
Man 2: A penny, a shilling, and then a whole pound.
Man 1: A lot of money.
Man 2: Our Bobby soon became a con-artist renowned. He saved up a whole pound.
Man 1: Well done.
Man 2: He was not alone, our poor little tot.
Man 1: Why?
Man 2: There are plenty of guys who love money a lot. He simply forgot about it.
Man 1: Make more money! Make more money!
Man 2: Make more money! Make more money! And to hell with all the rest.
Man 1: Ladies and Gentlemen! Please spare some change, if you can.

Check your pockets. Is everything in place? Are you sure my naive TV viewers. You’ve been dealing for a long time one-on-one with a whole staff of professional psychiologists and manipulators who spent many years studying your psyche and improving methods to hack it. While you were staring at the TV screen with your mouth open, you were being cheated and robbed every day, but so cunningly that you didn’t even notice anything! And they took from you something much more valuable than money. Although they didn’t neglect your money either. They stole your dreams. Do you know how they did it? Note, the most successful crime is the one that no one has ever noticed. There is a cunning trick for this, it is called SUBSTITUTION. The favorite method of manipulators. Thieves often commit a substitution quietly replacing the masterpieces of art in museums with cheap copies. Psychiologists are doing the same thing not with material, but with spiritual values.

And here’s what I mean. Everyone’s got to have the main dream in the life. I’m not talking about a super-powerful vacuum on sale and not about a party with beauties on the yacht. But about the dream with which you were born. Yes, were born. Where do all these dreams come from? Have you thought about it? What if God sends us to Earth with a specific mission. After all, as another great man said: “The two most important days in your life are the day when you were born and the day when you understood what for”. To understand WHAT FOR, each of us already has his own personal dream at birth. The dream of CREATOR. Come on, remember! But we had…the cherished one. What is in its place now? Where is it now? Somewhere at the very bottom of your consciousness, littered with all sorts of junk, household appliances, furniture, products from supermarket, golden jewelry, dandruff shampoos, cellphone models, clothing brands, going to the movies and party, cars, computer games … And most importantly the packs of bucks – the main dream of modern people.

pohititeli mechtyi 1 Dream thieves

Hey, man, for how much have you sold your childhood dream? At what point did you start dreaming only about material things? Look at your life, is this what you dreamed about? They tricked us very smartly. Exchange your holy mission on Earth for a cheap Chinese fake. And, yes, we are already a replica of the real us. Someone needs a steady income in the company, but many are satisfied with bottle of beers and their favorite TV shows. Remember: changing your dreams cause changes in your personality. Once, with this simple trick marketers ruined the potential of a whole generation. I realized this when I began to recall and analyze my own childhood dreams. I have looked at my old black and white photos in an attempt to find my dreams. Here, I am at the school in 1991, the year my Motherland was destroyed. Just 30 years ago, children of my age dreamed of flying into space. Do you know what I dreamed about at that moment? About chewing gum Turbo… I think many have similar dream in childhood as me. Now do you see the magnitude of the theft?! How cleverly they replaced the dream of the size of space with a piece of toxic rubber! Think about this. Evaluate the danger and effectiveness of psychiologists work.

And what now? Recently, my friend-teacher, told me how she spoke with high school students about who they want to become in the future. One diligent student replied: “Up to grade 9, I dreamed of becoming a killer.” Think about it: 14 years old boy seriously dreamed of killing people for money like in the coolest American movies! Of course, he is unlikely to be a hitman, but his REAL dream, meanwhile, has been stolen. Now he is 17 years old, and he wants to live alone without a family just with a dog. Another teenager remembered that as a child he dreamed of being Batman, then he wanted to become Spiderman. Did they come up with this on their own? That is the trick.

Your vision about success were invented by American marketing specialists in the middle of the 20th century.

Marketers are adjusting our dreams at every stage of life. Due to inexperience, I was deceived too and dreamed about “Bounty” and the taste of paradise, “Yuppy” – just add the water, about popular video game “Dandy”. Then, like any decent boy in the ‘90s, I dreamed of being a robot and shoot a laser out of my eyes. And after – to have a lot of money without doing anything like in the TV shows about the rich people. We dreamed of being as cool as a Marlboro cowboy, drinking the “right” beer, robbing banks and going to live in London … “Advertising doesn’t work on me at all,” all my friends believe, many of whom are already at that stage when they dream of “Lovelace Forte”, “Bittner” and “Guttalax”. After all, you need to dream of the GREAT one.

Unfortunately, we did not dream of flying to Mars or become a scientist, we did not want to create and build a fair highly developed society. We dreamed of consuming. The dream of the whole country, the main IDEA, was removed from the constitution. Instead, we were offered to overаet, giggle, and so on … Psychologists have stolen our real dreams replacing them with cheap copies, surrogates. Sport, self-development, music and literature appeared in my dreams only after I set a little free from the main matrix — by stopping watching TV and quitted poisoning by tobacco and alcohol. To understand why I was born, it took me 30 years!!! The second most important day in my life came with such a huge delay! That is why this topic is so sensitive to me. And for many of my friends this day has not yet arrived, and most likely won’t come as long as they dream of the “GREAT” … about mayonnaise. Is our need will be only about bread-and-circuses?

You’re so mercantile, my friend. Remember: everything you can buy for money is already cheap.

Bernard Shaw

A person’s dreams characterize the scale of his personality. Material, narrow-gauge, “cheap” dreams indicate that a person is petty selfish. More precisely, the dream thieves intentionally turn us into such individualists, egoists and hedonists, who are obsessed only with getting carnal pleasures, which we perceive as the TOP of our dreams. As A. Chekhov wrote: “… if there is a meaning and purpose in life, then this meaning and purpose is not in our happiness, but in something more rational and significant …”. Now people are being led away from rational and significant things by all possible tricks offering instead an estate with gooseberry bushes like a main dream. But if you remember, the hero of A. Chekhov’s story, had achieved this dream. Owning such an estate and chewing gooseberries at night he began to look like a pig: “…expected him to grunt like a pig” (A. Chekhov “Gooseberries” – from editor).

We were robbed. We are spiritually poor. Most have no dreams at all. Paying off a debt is not a dream. Wait the end of the working day and drink a beer – this is not a dream. Consuming is not a dream. This is where this sense of inner emptiness arises from which making modern people to fall into depression. We were given the Internet, gadgets, funny videos, talk shows and Pepsi. But in return, they took away our true pure dreams. No dreams, no goals. People without dreams are dummy people. Snickers and Bounty now control their life.

pohititeli mechtyi 2 Dream thieves

Check it out once again. Maybe now you were able to find the priceless loss. It’s time to get it back. I’ll tell you where to look for it. Turn off the TV, keep a fast at least a day, try not to consume anything for these 24 hours. Stay alone, away from the hustle and bustle, and perhaps in a complete silence under tons of information trash you will hear the quiet voice of your real pure dream and be able to snatch it from the tenacious paws of psychiatologists. Be prepared, you’re going to be told it’s stupid and you’re not getting anywhere. It is part of the game and a sure sign you are on the right path. The path of a strong person, a person walking towards his dream.


Translated by Nata Kallissi

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