About “psychiologists” and the keys to films

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Who are the “psychiologists”?

Have you noticed that almost all Hollywood films are made as if according to one pattern? And it seems that something new, bright, original is constantly coming out, but the strange feeling of deja vu does not leave you, as if you had already seen this plot and these heroes more than once. From film to film – the same hysterical woman, the same stupid man, the same pumped-up hero who is  maniacally  obsessed with an evil enemy with a disgusting Russian accent, a funny black guy who is going to die first, an Asian drug dealer, a funny gay, a cool unshaven alcoholic . The same predictable situations, the same reactions to them, the same type of behavior, only forceful method of solving problems, absence of doubt, a strict sequence of events. As if all these films have one author.

As if you are walking in a circle and cramming one and the same lesson over and over again. All these films are so far from life that watching them is like looking in a crooked mirror with distorted, disfigured reality. And again you leave the cinema with a sense of deceit and falsity, and even with the addition of some strange feelings, you cannot characterize them, something unpleasant, as if you became a witness or an accomplice of something nasty, bad. Some processes start in your head, you feel, but do not understand and do not control them.

You probably know that whole group of psychiatrists and psychologists work on scripts of contemporary films. I call them “psychiologists” – professional brainwashers. Programmers, system administrators and hackers for breaking the psyche. Here are the real authors of almost all modern films. And not even they themselves, but the formulas and schemes invented by them with the help of which it is possible with mathematical precision to create multi-million dollar blockbusters with even more box office takings. And then, randomly mixing these same models, and again get ready-made scripts for “new” hits on the output. This is a waste-free spectacle production machine that, with the cold calculation of a computer, has calculated all the features of a human being. Everything except the soul.

kak rabotaet i skolko poluchaet stsenarist obshhestvenno politicheskogo tok shou 1 About psychiologists and the keys to films

And now the next “dead” film falls out on bright posters from the endless conveyor of an industrial entertainment machine. You sit in a comfortable chair, the lights go out, you are bewitched by the picture, and your psyche at that time is in the hands of dangerous manipulators, tightly tied to a chair in a dark basement at a suggestion session, by experienced recruiters. Yes, they are true masters of their craft. They program us for our own money. All these corporations have something in common with a monopoly on legal drugs, media and spectacles, they all have the same methods of propaganda, they are so primitive and simple that their elementary nature can only surpass their effectiveness.

Keys to movies.

So what kind of attitudes do psychiologists implement into our heads while we “relax” in a movie theater or near a TV screen? I will give a few examples. I propose to consider films by genre, but not as a philistine consumer, but from the standpoint of a decryptor deciphering the intercepted encoded message in the occupation of the enemy, in the midst of an information war. If you watch modern cinema, then only that. But for this we need the keys to the code. And I have a couple, but I want to play one game with you … This is a fascinating and very intellectual game, forget about crosswords and sudoku, I suggest taking your brains a really important thing – each player will find their own keys to deciphering the opponent’s code and share them with other fighters. Imagine that entire country, we are playing Fort Boyard, only together we can stop this global fraud, let us finally put an end to their cunning plans. In fact, we can ruin and crush them in an instant, think, it is not as difficult as it seems. Don`t need to underestimate the enemy, and also don`t need to overestimate his capabilities too. If everyone knows the secrets of their tricks, no one will fall for these cheap tricks. People just lose interest. We can make all their tricks worthless. We just need to be ahead of them.

And that’s what I mean. To begin with, I offer you my keys, which I selected for some films. Let it be a start. I do not presume to say that they are completely true, so you can correct me if I’m wrong. Perhaps your keys will be a more powerful information weapon; let’s collect all the “artifacts” necessary for the victory.

But before starting the game, I’ll say one more important detail that you must know when decrypting the code: in each film, the viewer also has a role to play. And first of all, you need to guess what role psychiologists impose on you in each particular film, this will protect you from programming. So:

Genre: Horror

Message: “Run away from any problem!” Key: a monster, a ghost, an alien, a man with a shovel – these are encrypted problems that arise in our lives. Your role: you are either the guy who will die first, or the only one who will survive.So  make your pseudo-choice.

Now consider horror movies from this perspective. In the dark night, the little pale girl is alone on the road. You stop the car. “Are you lost, poor darling? Sit down, I’ll take you home. ” Yeah, now … Everyone knows this is a trap. Those who did this were always either eaten, or deported to hell, or raped by a cosmic monster. The right option (from psychiologists to your subconscious ): speed up! Gain speed, man, and it’s better just in case to run this thing a couple of times over with a car and gas, gas! Run away, why do you need these problems, this is just a little girl!

Or  you suddenly stumble upon a strange woman and start asking: “What are you doing here? At night. In the sheet. Behind the curtain. In my basement … “No? The correct option (from psychiologists): away from home! To the nearest airport and to Mexico !!! Save yourself  fool. No wonder they stretch this moment when the main character slowly descends into the basement, pushes the curtain, and we see that the monster is already behind him, and he still goes to the darkest corner. At this time, your subconscious, who is in the “torture chamber,” shouts: “Run! Don’t go there, there are problems !!! ”

And what’s interesting, in the only Soviet horror film “Viy”, Foma faced his own problem for three nights without leaving his place. Do him justice I must say that this did not save him (and this is the whole horror), but the message of the film in this sense is absolutely opposite to the modern one. Solve the problem, do not run away from it.

Genre: Fiction

“Relax. Batman will save you. ” Key: The  superhero –  an unconditionally positive force that will solve all your problems – state, system, elite, army. The supervillain – an unconditionally negative force that creates all your problems – any other state, adversary, enemy, alien system and ideology. You are the guy who fell out of the skyscraper.

You do not decide anything and do not influence the course of events, you drop out of them. But you won’t crash while Superman is next to you. A message from psychiologists: you are a small person, and therefore you should be supervised by a super friend to whom you can trust your life without hesitation. Your role is simply to watch what is happening, stand aside and not interfere.

chemu uchat filmyi pro supergeroev 2 About psychiologists and the keys to films

You can object: no, my role – this is the superhero, because we all must be equal to him. What a naivety. I had a friend in childhood, he blindly believed that one day he would learn how to use lasers from his eyes. Now he is an alcoholic. But most of the children understood very well: the superhero knows better than they what to do, and he does everything right, always wins, he decides the fate of the city and the whole world, that is in trouble (because he is good). And the task of ordinary people is to go out in a crowd to the area of ​​the ruined city at the end of the film and thank to the solemn sounds “The banner strewn with stars” of his hero for everything that he did for them. This is what all ideal citizens do. Their houses are no longer there, but they understand that evil cannot be defeated in any other way. Their friends and relatives died under the rubble – this is the payment for justice. And they again and again wipe their sincere tears of tenderness, looking at the wide cheekbones on the willful super-face of their savior.

And here is one more clue: “superpower” is authority. Once the main character receives it and immediately becomes not like the ordinary mortals. He can do things which others cannot. For example, wear pants over tights. It is a joke. He can move through the air, solve state problems, he is always at the center of events, he fights against criminals (mainly robbers and bullies), the police salutes him, he has his own headquarters, he always has an enemy, he smashes entire armies, and at the same time he is a simple modest guy with glasses and a tie.

We are taught to love superheroes not for their human qualities, but for their superpowers. Who would a superman be without his strength? A clown in pants. The maximum that could be shot about him is a comedy. Look at all superheroes as if they have no superpower. Who do you see? Latex freaks in tight clothes. One is climbing the wall, another has a knife  sticking out of his hand, the third is writhing from radiation sickness, the fourth has a green face, the fifth is running around the city with a sword, some woman in a leather suit with a tail. What the … Everyone has masks, everyone is not the one they pretend to be, everyone is constantly fighting with someone, no one lives in harmony. These are politicians. Take power, authority and security from the politician, and who will you see? A funny fat screaming man who only promises and deceives. Such people are mercilessly beaten on the street.

The message from psychiologists: love, respect, go wild and obey the authorities. And if you look at the country of origin of such films, it is easy to guess whose specific power is meant.

Genre: Comedy 

There is an immense field for manipulation. Laughter removes protective barriers in the psyche. What we laugh about automatically stops being taken seriously. Now look at what we are laughing at: funny addicts, funny drunks, funny murders, funny robberies, stupid cops, buggers, prostitutes and asses, in short, all shamelessness, vices, degradation – these are the keys to this genre. Just after each funny scene, select from these keys, in 99% one of them will do.

imgonline com ua Resize vxCfc3oTmgh About psychiologists and the keys to films

How modern comedies impose false “wedding traditions” to the youth

But let’s find a role designed for you. Here we are also manipulated with the help of pride. You look down upon all these idiots and laugh at their stupidity. What fools they are! You are not like that. In fact, if you watch some modern, youth comedy, pay attention to the most stubborn, most worthless, most stupid character. It is you. So the creators of this film want to see you. Do not disappoint them. Laugh. Laugh heartily.


And of course, the very top is cartoons. Here you will find everything. Children are the priority for psychiologists, because the slag that they pour into a person in the childhood, he will carry throughout all his  life. Children are trustful, unconscious, easily suggestible, they do not have knowledge and life experience to protect themselves from manipulation.

Watch any modern cartoon consciously. You will gasp. You will see wild dullness mixed with sophisticated cruelty, ugliness, primitivism, highly distorted reality, degradation, crushing the development of a small person in the very beginnings, lack of critical thinking, lack of space for one’s own thoughts and truly positive characters. Someone will say: “but this is just a cartoon, you should not take everything too seriously.” Just look at our sick society, and you will understand the seriousness of the work of psychiologists.

We have been deprived of our choice since childhood, the human psyche is structured in such a way that we will definitely take sides. Even if unconsciously. Once upon a time we were deceived by all, and we sincerely worried about the mouse, tying the explosives to the sleeping cat.

Maybe now we still support wrong characters.

Tokha Ha

Translated by Andrey Pasternak

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