Lady Gaga’s songs are well-known all over the world. Her high popularity is due to numerous publications in the media, broadcasts on the radio and TV channels like MTV. Well, let’s see, why this American singer is getting so much attention from ... Read more


Logos «What Is Good» presented in the form of raster images of different formats. Present both options with a background (white) and without it (transparent background). RGB color model. Dawnload (7 Mb) Bitmap .jpg & .png + Monochrome logo ... Read more


Below you will find the list of indicators that can help you understand the film you watch is an adverse one. 1. Film derides values of family relations; they are intentionally given from the seamy side. Characters (a married couple) have ... Read more


1. The main characters of the cartoon are aggressive, they maim rapidly, kill, harm. Moreover, all the details are "relished", even if everything is filed under the guise of humor. 2. The bad behavior of the characters through the story stays ... Read more