Miley Cyrus, a model product of Disney

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Miley Ray Cyrus – is an American pop-singer and actress popular among teenagers. She is one of the most striking products of the Disney Company. Videoclips starring Miley are regularly shown on TV in various countries.

Thanks to the main role in the kid’s TV series “Hannah Montana” produced by Disney, Miley Cyrus has become well-known throughout the world. Later she entered into a contract with Disney being involved into its different TV, film and music projects. Thus, Miley’s professional growth and way into the temple of fame are totally provided by Disney whose films and cartoons are shown to millions of children by their loving parents. Well, it’s time to evaluate the image of Miley Cyrus created by the channel and find out what ideas are pursued in her songs:

The bigger part of Miley’s works is nothing but undisguised propaganda of filth. Besides, the level of her personal amorality goes beyond all limits.

In her videoclips Miley creates an attractive image of smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs. Also she promotes perversion and complete absence of moral norms.

This applies to creative role of the actress and her life style in general. Not only she gives open support to sodomites, but also herself made coming out in June 2015 claiming to date with a girl. Few months later a number of transvestites and perverts accompanied Miley Cyrus at stage.

A curious thing, with the development of her career such pranks of the girl were often interpreted in mass media as a normal part of growing up. She was indeed only 12 when she first appeared in Disney studio and took a fancy to millions of viewers.

majli sajrus etalonnyj produkt kompanii disnej 1 Miley Cyrus, a model product of Disney

If anybody considers Disney not being related to Miley’s tricks, they are wrong. In modern show business each actor and actress completely depends on producers, studio and mass media any of which can easily finish his/her career at any time.

But in the case of Miley Cyrus we see the opposite effect. Once she confessed to her sexual disorientation she was immediately offered to present the “MTV Music Awards” ceremony, despite parents’ protests. And furthermore, the Disney Channel even broadcasted “Hannah Montana” series starring Miley again.

The fact is that while Ms Cyrus is literally having fun with homosexuals at stage and promoting pedophilia, mass media presents her to our children as a cute and attractive girl. No doubt that after many teenagers grow very fond of Miley, they will surf the Net searching for more information about her.

In conclusion, creative work of Miley Cyrus, a model product of Disney, is amied at:

  • Propaganda of sex and filth;
  • Propaganda of alcohol, smoking and drugs;
  • Propaganda of perversions;
  • Propaganda of pedophilia.

In modern cinematography we can find many examples of famous actors and actresses whose creative role has dramatically changed for worse since the beginning of their careers. This technology is used to control people’s minds. Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus is no exception. Disney indeed took her as a child, made her an idol for millions of children through a TV series and then little by little perverted this girl getting her to the point she is now at.

The worst thing is that the process of perversion and degradation is not only encouraged by central mass media and various awards, but is also presented as a normal part of growing up. All this aims to convince millions of people that it is a really regular way to become an adult. At the same time, we are not talking about a one-time thing, but a complete production line. In particular, the same career steps were made by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who first appeared in the Disney show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”.

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