Peaceful Warrior: An alternative route through life

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Film Classification: PG-13

Everyone strive for success and recognition of others. Many sincerely believe that it will make them happy. So thinks the protagonist of the film, Dan.

Dan is a successful student who, in addition to the college, doing gymnastics, wants to go to the Olympic Games and “win gold”, and thus achieve universal acceptance. But whence these strange visions and constantly suffer from insomnia? And how to deal with stress and anxiety arising before each performance and disturbing to fulfill his dream?

The meeting with Socrates changed everything. Socrates, on the one hand – the service guy at the gas station on the other – a true philosopher. According to his philosophy of “the only thing that matters in life is this moment…”

The film is based on the novel by Dan Millman “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” and a genre of drama with philosophical overtones, which, if not intended, or at least put on the agenda such questions as: What is happiness? What man lives and goes on its way? What really matters in life the value, and that you should not waste your valuable time? How to know and understand its purpose?

All these questions arise before the protagonist of Dan Millman, thanks to Socrates and perhaps flashed in the minds of each of us, especially when we find ourselves on the edge of the abyss. Very often, these reflections appear as harbingers of great changes and severe trials, and to be ready for them need to determine the answers. Naturally, meeting with Socrates, laid the doubts about the correctness of the aspirations of Dan, could result in nothing more, and become a real history of confrontation and struggle with the opinions of people who have lost faith in the main character, and with themselves, their fears and weaknesses. The history of the rise and fall, thanks to an unbending will and desire to live here and now. This may not be unattractive, it is important always, at all times.

Peaceful Warrior An alternative route through life01 Peaceful Warrior: An alternative route through life

The movie is a true work of art that can change opinions and to turn upside down the human world view, especially lost in the monotony and dullness of life passing. The film, which will force a new look at the world and ourselves in this world and to appreciate the present moment. Anyone looking for additional motivation must watch. For those who have already decided in life must watch. All the lost – must watch. The film will be interesting to all audiences of any age.

What does the movie teach us?


On the one hand the film motivates to abandon various substances, somehow distorts reality. Socrates offers Dan to refuse beer and meat. On the other hand by the end of the film, when summing up the results there are scenes the protagonists use of alcohol and tobacco.


the Socrates also suggest Dan to abstain from sex.




Change of Dan’s consciousness, his growth as an individual against a background of indolence and his friends get-togethers that full-filled beer, drowning in promiscuity, considering themselves happy and successful. At the same time the way of life proposed by Socrates is opposite to the «usual» students’ life, an alternative route along the lines of fate, aimed at spiritual growth, acceptance of reality in all its glory and control their lives.

Oleg Searching

Translated by Pavel Anokhin

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Film Classification: PG-13
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